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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cannoneer Guide

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The Cannoneer or Cannon Shooter (KMS) is the third job branch for the Pirate class and is the first class introduced in the Legend Update. The Cannoneer is a separate job apart from its counterparts, just like how the Dual Blade class is apart from its counterparts. Their primary weapon of choice are large hand cannons that fires strong, heavy blasts. Although it is a ranged class and uses little melee attacks whatsoever, the Cannoneer's main stat is STR, rather than DEX (which functions as the Cannoneer's secondary).
Cannoneers have two unique passives listed under the Beginner skills. The more notable one is Pirate's Blessing, which is automatically obtained when the Cannoneer reaches level 70, and confers +15 all stats and +5% max HP and MP to not only the Cannoneer but also to other characters on the account (similar to the Cygnus Knight blessing). The other passive, which is always automatically present on the Cannoneer, is called Master of Swimming and drastically increases movement speed while swimming.


The Player starts off as an enthusiastic, young Pirate en route to Victoria Island. In the middle of the ocean, a Jr. Balrog descends on the ship, attacking the crew. Powerless to stop him, the Pirate is pushed off the doomed ship into the deep sea. When the Pirate sees daylight and feels coarse sand again, he/she is greeted by a monkey, who refutes the Pirate's claim that he/she used their 'awesome swimming skills' to reach the shore.
The Pirate later meets a ragged man, who was also stranded on the island, though at a different time. The man reveals his name to be Cutter and tasks the Pirate to gather equipment for the finishing touches on the man's plan for salvation, a giant two-man cannon. Cutter and the Pirate, along with the monkey from the beach, then ride the cannon to the town of Nautilus Harbor where the young Pirate's adventure begins.


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IconSkill NameDescriptionTypeMasteredElementPrerequisites
Cannon Blaster.pngCannon BlasterShoots a flame bomb that attacks multiple enemies.Passive20x-
Cannon Strike.pngCannon StrikeKnocks back nearby enemies with a cannon strike.Active20x-
Blast Back.pngBlast BackFires the cannon while quickly moving backwards. Can decrease the speed of target for a fixed period of time.Active15x-
Cannon Boost.pngCannon BoostImproves the cannon to permanently increase ATT and DEF.Active10x