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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jett Guide

Jett is a GMS-exclusive class that was released into Global Maplestory during the first edition of the Renegades Update on June 27. She is a special Explorer, akin to the Dual Blade and the Cannoneer. One of the unique and strange things about Jett is that her skills are actually from the revamped Pirates and has been reanimated to fit with the class's theme.


Jett was a famed bounty hunter in the far reaches of space who resided on the planet Cerberus, making her living taking down criminals. One day, a horrible event has occurred. The king of Cerberus was assassinated, slain by the bounty hunter herself..or so it seems. It appears that Jett has been framed by the real killer and her former partner, Burke. Burke, who's main goal was to take Jett's prized possession, the Core, tracks down Jett to finish her off and to take the Core for his own nefarious needs. Now, a price has now been placed on her head and the bounty hunter escapes her home and into Nautilus Harbor, where she is found by Kyrin. It's up to Jett to uncover her innocence and put a stop to Burke's actions.


Jett's weapon of choice are guns as her secondary equipment is the Core Aura, which changes its form at every advancement. As mentioned at the first paragraph, Jett implements the skills given to the Pirates in the Korean Maplestory Justice Update. However, she is a hybrid, utilizing key skills from both the Corsair and Buccaneer classes.
First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Jett (II)
Jett (III)
Jett (IV)


IconSkill NameDescriptionTypeMasteredElementPrerequisites
ThreeSnails.gifThree SnailsHurls snail shells to attack monsters from long distance.Active3x-
Recovery.gifRecoveryEnables the user to recover HP constantly for 30 sec.Supportive3x-
NimbleFeet.gifNimble FeetEnables the character to move around quickly for a short amount of time.Supportive3x-
Blessing of the Sprite.pngBlessing of the FairySkill Point will increase by 1 when the related character reaches above Lv.10.Supportive20x-
Empress's Blessing.pngEmpress's BlessingGrants 1 skill level for every 5 levels your highest level Cygnus character has. Between Blessing of the Fairy and Empress's Blessing, the higher increase is applied.Supportive30x-
Echo of Hero.pngEcho of HeroIncrease weapon attack and magic attack on all players around.Supportive1xMust be a level 200.
Retro Rockets.pngRetro RocketsPermanently increases Movement Speed, Max Movement Speed, and Jump.Passive1x-
Core Aura.pngCore AuraSurrounds the true owner of the Core with a powerful aura that enhances abilities.Passive1x-

First Job

IconSkill NameDescriptionTypeMasteredElementPrerequisites
Bullet Time.pngComet BoosterPermanently increases Accuracy, Max Movement Speed, and Jump.Supportive10x-
CPunch.pngShadow HeartIncreases your Critical Rate and minimum Critical Damage.Passive10x-
Tornado Uppercut.pngTornado UppercutPerforms a super-fast uppercut, creating a tornado that attacks enemies.Active20x-
Glide Blast2.pngGlide BlastMove forward during a jump by tumbling. Movement distance increases as the skill level increases.Supportive10x-
Double Fire.pngDouble ShotFires two consecutive shots at the enemy.Active20x-