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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Angelic Burster Guide

Angelic Burster icon.png
Angelic Burster, the Idol of the Battlefield, is the Pirate variation of the Nova class and was introduced in the fourth part of the Tempest Update.


The story begins with a special Nova girl named Tear. She was unlike the rest of her kind, being without a tail or magic was the subject of ridicule by other Novas. Her only friends was Kyle, the future Kaiser and Beldeross. Continuing at the beginning of the Kaiser's storyline, Tear and Kyle were affected by a powerful cube, which knocks Tear out before Kyle, who uses his newfound Kaiser powers to defeat few of Magnus' henchmen. Tear wakes up after, now using her powers and defeats the rest of the henchmen.
Tear is now equipped with a magical bracelet, which reveals itself to be the vessel of the ancient dragon, Escada. Escada appoints Tear as her new guardian and becomes the Angelic Burster.


Angelic Burster is a ranged class, who uses DEX as her main stat. She carries a unique weapon of her own called a Soul Shooter and wields her secondary weapon, the Soul Ring. Angelic Burster contains very unique properties throughout gameplay. You start out like normal, but you have the ability to transform into Angelic Burster at will. She will wear the appropriate gear and clothing as depicted for her character, hiding the player's equipment except her weapon.
Like the Demon Slayer, Angelic Burster does not use Mana at all, but instead uses a rather unique system called Soul Recharge. Some of her main attacking skills are affected by this system and cannot be used unless they are recharged somehow. The only methods to recharge and use those skills are by attacking monsters with your attack key or by using your Affinity skills. Each Recharge skill will also come with a chance to charge up for re-use.
The biggest special capability Angelic Burster has is her massive damage potential. Angelic Burster is the first class to utilize a Max Damage system, allowing her to go beyond the maximum damage cap, going as low to 10 million damage up to a whopping 100 million damage, making her the strongest character in Maplestory!


  • Akin to Mihile, Angelic Burster's character selection is restricted to only the female gender.
  • Angelic Burster is also subject to controversy among players, noting her damage potential is too high and unbalanced and some regarding biased opinions towards the feminine overtones the class possess.