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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pirate Guide

Pirates are ruthless and extreme people. As extreme as they are, they tend to use guns and knuckles as their weapons of attack. Their damage is very unstable, but they are very fast, even from first job. Their attacks are mostly physical or ranged, a combination of a warrior and thief.

Becoming a Pirate

Requirements: Level 10
Head over to Nautilus Port through a portal and reach Kyrin's ship. Board the ship and find Kyrin. Talk to her and she'll advance you into a Pirate. (please note that she will not expand your "use" inventory slot like the other classes.)

Job Tree

First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Knights Of Cygnus
Thunder Breaker
First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Cannon Shooter
Cannon Trooper
Cannon Master


IconSkill NameDescriptionTypeMasteredElementPrerequisites
Bullet Time.pngBullet TimePermanently increases Accuracy, Max Movement Speed, and Jump.Passive10x-
Shadow Heart.pngShadow HeartIncreases your Critical Rate and minimum Critical Damage.Passive10x-
Sommersault Kick.pngSomersault KickA devastating kick that accompanies a backward somersault. Attacks all enemies in the vicinity.Active20x-
Double Fire.pngDouble ShotFires two consecutive shots at the enemy.Active20x-
Dash.pngDashDouble-tap the left or right arrow to perform a dash or jump dash. Also cancels all knockback. Use Corkscrew Blow or Triple Fire during the dash for additional damage.Active10x-