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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mihile Guide

Mihile, known as Mikhail in KMS is a special class based on the Knights of Cygnus. The class is based on the life experiences of the Dawn Warrior instructor, Mihile, and how he became a member of the Cygnus Knights.


The mightiest hero can come from the humblest beginnings. The great warrior you know as Mihile did not always go by that name. Once upon a time he was an overworked stock boy at Mr. Limbert's General Store, known only as "kiddo." Little did that young boy know that his life was about to change forever...
Empress Cygnus long suspected that there was more to the boy than what met the eye, so she and Neinheart decided to test the young warrior. It wasn't until Cygnus watched him defeat her minions with ease that she knew the truth for sure. Neinheart was skeptical, but Cygnus's faith never wavered. She explained to the boy that his father was a warrior of great power; a warrior for good and a warrior for the light. He had left his infant son with the old man Limbert, planning to one day return, but he was never able to escape the great evil that defeated him. She went on to call the nameless kiddo "Mihile," which means "Born of Light" in honor of his fallen father, Chromile, the Knight of Light.
The young Empress and her faithful follower Neinheart brought the boy with a new name back with them to Ereve. There he learned that "Only the darkest night can produce the most brilliant sunrise!"

Features and Gameplay

There are many things that separates Mihile from the regular Cygnus classes. The main difference is the level cap. While the regular Knights possesses a level cap of 120, Mihile is capped at level 200 like the Explorers, Heroes and Resistance.
Mihile's main weapon of choice are one-handed swords. Along with his weapon, he wields a Soul Shield, which levels and increases its stats akin to the Demon Slayer's Demon Aegis. Like the Demon Aegis, the shield changes for each advancement you make.
Mihile retains few traits with the Cygnus Knights. While playing as Mihile, you will also gain a 10% exp addition every time you level up, however the bonus will last up to 120. Mihile also possessesBlessing of the Empress and will be increased by one SP per five levels. He will recieve the Cygnus variation of the Echo of Hero and gains the original version at level 200. Lastly, Mihile is also eligible to make an Ultimate Explorer Warrior.

Job Tree

First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Mihile (II)
Mihile (III)
Mihile (IV)



IconSkill NameDescriptionTypeMasteredElementPrerequisites
ThreeSnails.gifThree SnailsHurls snail shells to attack monsters from long distance.Active3x-
Recovery.gifRecoveryEnables the user to recover HP constantly for 30 sec.Supportive3x-
NimbleFeet.gifNimble FeetEnables the character to move around quickly for a short amount of time.Supportive3x-
Echo of Hero.pngEcho of HeroIncrease weapon attack and magic attack on all players around.Supportive1xMust reach 120 and 4th job.
Knight's Watch.pngKnight's WatchReceives protection from the light which keeps you from being pushed back by enemy's attacks for a set time.Supportive1x-

1st Job

IconSkill NameDescriptionTypeMasteredElementPrerequisites
Soul Shield.pngSoul ShieldAmplifies the power of the Soul Shield to increase defense.Passive15x-
Soul Blade.pngSoul BladeSummons and gives form to invisible Soul power to inflict damage to enemies.Active20x-
Weightless Heart.pngWeightless HeartUse while in the middle of a jump to jump even further. The jumping distance increases as the skill level increases.Supportive10x-
Soul Devotion.pngSoul DevotionPermanently increases Accuracy, Movement Speed, and Jump.Passive10x-
HP Boost.pngHP BoostPermanently increases Max HP.Passive10x-