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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Demon Slayer Guide

Demon Slayer.png
Demon Slayer is the fourth addition of the Resistance Warrior class and the 3rd part of the Legend Update, released in KMS on August 8. It has been said to be the "strongest class in Maplestory", a title held formerly by the Aran.


Long before the current events of the Maple World, the Demon Slayer stood as a general for the Black Mage's army. The Slayer had dealt a severe blow on theGoddess of Time, handing Temple of Time to his master. Soon after, the Slayer attends a regular meeting with the other generals. They discuss their duties, and the Slayer learns that Black Mage had ordered the destruction of Leafre, his own home town, even though he had made an agreement with his master as a term for his service. Despite warnings from his fellow officers, he takes off, only to find that his home is left in flames and rubble. The Slayer retrieves the only item surviving the blaze, a locket with a picture of his mother and brother.
Furious, the Slayer travels back to the Temple of Time. Before confronting his master, he tells his subordinate to send a message to the Heroes. The Slayer puts down Arkharium, a fellow general, and storms the now-throne room of the Temple. A heated fight occurs with the Slayer's rage as his motivation, posing as a formidable opponent for the Mage. The battle ended with the Black Mage sealing the Slayer in an egg, confining him to a resentful slumber.
The Demon Slayer awakens many years later, smashing out of his prison. The egg had been improvised as a power source in a Black Wing's base, draining his Fury. Using what was left, he takes down the two Black Wing members watching over him. He notices J in the corner, watching the events unfold. The Slayer, still unsure of the current events, threatens J but succumbs to fatigue. J then brings back the passed-out Slayer to the Resistance base. The Slayer wakes up, still confused about events around him, but joins the Resistance in the hopes of meeting the Black Mage again.
Now the Demon Slayer fights for the Resistance, looking the opportunity to avenge his fallen family.


The Demon Slayer is among the unique classes in Maplestory. The Demon Slayer is the first class that does not possess MP at all. Instead, the Slayers use Demon Fury, which work in different ways than Mana. Along with Demon Fury, they are also more dependent on their HP,even more than Spearman. Most of their skills consume not only their Fury, but their HP as well, so players are advised to watch their health when using their skills. Similar to the Mercedes Benz, Demon Slayers also start off as level 10 after the introduction cutscenes.
The Demon Slayer's weapons of choice are one handed Blunt Weapons and Axes. They are paired with special a Demon Aegis, which grants the Slayers Demon Fury. During gameplay, the Slayers will also recieve unique blunt weapons called Scepters, exclusive to the Demon Slayer class. Players should not switch out their Demon Aegis as the Aegis is their 'Fury reservoir'. Without it, the Slayer would be left with a measly 10 Fury. Along with this restriction, Demon Slayers deal the highest damage using only their respective weapons,making the choice of wielding anything other than a one-handed axe or blunt weapon a poor decision.
Like the Cannon Shooter and Mercedes, Demon Slayers also have a link skill. Their skill allows them to gain an additional 10% boss damage.

  • Pros of Demon Fury
    • Demon Fury can be recharged easily by using your basic attack.
    • More convenient than Mana. As long as the Slayer attacks continuously, they will have a constant stream of Fury. When fighting a tough boss, Mana users will have issues using their skills when they run out of Mana. Demon Slayers do not face this issue.
  • Cons of Demon Fury
    • There are no potions or items that can replenish the character's Fury or boost your Fury capacity.
    • Demon Fury, unlike Mana, does not increase capacity every time the character levels up. The only time the Slayer's Fury increases is whenever they equip an new Demon Aegis, which is acquired upon job advancement.
    • There are no scrolls, buffs or Potential which improve Fury capacity.


IconSkill NameDescriptionTypeMasteredElementPrerequisites
Curse of Fury.pngCurse of FuryWhen attacking, has a chance to trigger Endless Fury. When activated, your HP regenerates, and eliminated enemies return a fixed amount of Fury.Passive1xx
Demonic Blood.pngDemonic BloodDemons are known for their naturally strong willpower and overwhelming ambition.Passive1xx
Dark Winds.pngDark WindsThe Devil Wings can be used in a variety of jump skills.Passive1xx
Fury Unleashed.pngFury UnleashedWhen facing Boss Monsters, unleashes the full might of your Fury to do additional damage and absorb Fury.Passive1xx
Devil-wings.pngDevil WingsAllows you to user various jump skills using your wings.Active1xx
Demon-wings.pngDevil WingsAllows you to user various jump skills using your wings.Active1xReach 4th Job

1st Job

IconSkill NameDescriptionTypeMasteredElementPrerequisites
Demon Lash.pngDemon LashMash the attack key to whip enemies in front of you 4 times with dark power. Hits return some Fury to you.Active10xx
Shadow Swiftness.pngShadow SwiftnessPermanently increases Accuracy, Speed, and Jump.Passive10xLevel 1 Demon Lash
Grim Scythe.pngGrim ScytheSummons a demonic scythe that tears through multiple enemies in front of you.Active10xLevel 1 Demon Lash
HP Boost.pngHP BoostPermanently increases Max HP.Passive10xLevel 1 Demon Lash
Battle Pact.pngBattle PactInfuses your weapon with your own life force to increase One Handed Blunt Weapons or Axes by 2 levels for a short time.Supportive10xLevel 3 Demon Lash

2nd Job

IconSkill NameDescriptionTypeMasteredElementPrerequisites
Barbed Lash.pngBarbed LashMakes your Demon Lash hurt more and look nastier, permanently increasing its damage.Active1xLevel 1 Demon Lash
Weapon Mastery2.pngWeapon MasteryIncreases the Mastery and Accuracy of One Handed Blunt and Axe type weapons.Passive20xx
Soul Eater.pngSoul EaterSnares and pulls multiple enemies towards you, where they suffer the full force of your might.Active20xx
Dark Thrust.pngDark ThrustCharge forward with terrifying rage, dragging multiple unfortunate enemies with you.Active20xx
Chaos Lock.pngChaos LockTargets and attacks the enemy closest to you. Has a chance to stun the enemy. Allows you to teleport using the directional keys.Active15xx
Vengeance.pngVengeanceReturns damage taken from enemies to the dealer, along with a chance to stun them. Cannot return more than half of an enemy's HP at once.Active20xx
Outrage.pngOutragePermanently increases ATT and Critical Rate.Passive20xx
Physical Training.pngPhysical TrainingPermanently increases STR and DEX.Passive10xx

3rd Job

IconSkill NameDescriptionTypeMasteredElementPrerequisites
Demon Lash Arch.pngDemon Lash ArchUses teeth-gritting anger to grant an additional increase to damage done by Demon Lash.Active1xLevel 1 Barbed Lash
Judgment.pngJudgmentJudge your enemies...harshly. This attack hits multiple nearby enemies, dealing critical damage with a chance for additional critical hits.Active20xx
Vortex of Doom.pngVortex of DoomCreates a vortex of dark energy inside you that draws nearby enemies into your attack and stuns them.Active20xx
Raven Storm.pngRaven StormSummons a flock of really angry ravens that peck the faces off of any enemies in front of you. The ravens then return the enemies' HP to you as thanks for letting them take out their aggression.Active20xx
Carrion Breath.pngCarrion BreathSummons the power of the Poison Demon's horrible breath to attack multiple enemies at once. Targets receive continual damage over a short amount of time and are unable to eat lunch for a week afterwards.Active20Poisonx
Black-Hearted Strength.pngBlack-Hearted StrengthYour cold, uncaring heart steels you against attacks, providing a temporary increases to DEF, Abnormal Status Resistance, and all Elemental Resistance.Supportive20xx
Max Fury.pngMax FuryAllows you to receive additional Fury when using Demon Slash, and recovers a fixed amount of Fury every 4 seconds.Passive5xx
Possessed Aegis.pngPossessed AegisGrants the Demon Aegis a chance to guard against enemy attacks. When guarding is successful, a small amount of Fury and HP are recovered.Passive15xx
Focused Fury.pngFocused FuryFocuses powers to permanently increase damage and improve attack speed by 1 level.Passive20xx
Insult to Injury.pngInsult to InjuryIncreases damage and critical rate when attacking enemies in abnormal status.Passive15xx

4th Job

IconSkill NameDescriptionTypeMasteredElementPrerequisites
Demon Thrash.pngDemon ThrashDemon Lash's ultimate upgrade.Active1xLevel 1 Demon Lash Arch
De29.pngMaple WarriorIncreases the stats of all party members.Supportive30x-
Infernal Concussion.pngInfernal ConcussionCalls an eruption from below to blast nearby enemies into the air. Enemies in air receive 100% critical damage from the explosion.Active30xx
Boundless Rage.pngBoundless RageConsumes all remaining Fury to send yourself into a raging berserker mode. All Fury-based attacks will be free for a short period, however the skill has a long cooldown.Active15xx
Demon Impact.pngDemon ImpactCall forth your inner demon to deal critical damage on multiple enemies in front of you. Your channel to the nether gives you a chance to ignore Enemy DEF and raises your chance for a critical. Final damage increases when fighting boss monsters.Active30xx
Leech Aura.pngLeech AuraUtilize your connection with the crawling slimy things of the world to sap enemy HP with every blow. You and your party members will receive life for every blow you inflict for a short time, up to 3% at a time.Supportive10xx
Dark Metamorphosis.pngDark MetamorphosisUnleashes 2 beings of spectral shadow to join you and attack anything in sight. The spirit channel also provides you and increase to damage and HP for a short period of time.Active30xx
Demon Cry.pngDemon CryReleases your inner demons to intimidate and deal damage on multiple nearby enemies. Enemies will suffer a hit to DEF, ATT, and Accuracy while your EXP and item drop rate increase.Active20xx
Binding Darkness.pngBinding DarknessHas a chance to knock down multiple enemies and deal continuous damage while they are on the ground. The attack also ignores a fixed amount of enemy DEF. The effects of Dark Bind apply to both bosses and regular monsters.Active20xx
Barricade Mastery.pngBarricade MasteryBecome a master of melee. Maxes out the Mastery of One Handed Blunt and Axe type weapons while increasing Minimum Critical Damage and Weapon ATT.Passive30xx
Obsidian Skin.pngObsidian SkinPermanently fortify your defensive abilities so that you take less damage from enemies.Passive30xx