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Friday, August 17, 2012

Exorcist Kanna Guide

Kanna, the Diviner class, will be released today. The patch file is available to download here. Moreover, there are extractions, done by the one and only Fiel, which you can view here.

Kanna will use a Fan (扇子) as her weapon. Moreover, she will have a trusty companion tag along side her, named Haku, who can transform into different forms, including Human form. In addition, instead of using MP, Kanna uses 霊力, or Spiritual Power, to conduct her techniques.

Kanna’s main stat is INT and her secondary stat is LUK. Her damage formula is currently not known. She is a time-limited class that will be available for creation from August 16th until sometime in October.


 Gogyou no Kago : Permanently increases your Insight level to 30, your HP by 15%, damage reduction by 15%, it makes MP-giving items give HP instead, and for every 700 HP you have, your Magic Attack increases by an increment of 1.

 Yuen no Reisu : Recover 50 Spiritual Power every 4 seconds. In addition, Kanna’s weapon mastery over her Fan is increased to 60% (+40%).

 Shisen Denjuu : Permanently increases damage by 5% per level (Max level : 2). This is your link skill. It will automatically level up to level 2 when you hit level 100.

 Shisen Byakko : Consume 50 Spiritual Power to deal 500% damage to up to 15 targets. When used, it increases you damage by 15% for 120 seconds. Cool down : 600 seconds.

 Haku : Haku will forever stand by Kanna’s side, aiding her in battle.

First Job
 Chikou Yore : Kanna will summon a small demon to help her draw in 4 enemies closer to her, dealing damage 4 times to each target, so she can attack them.

 Shisen Gyouha : Kanna can attack up to 3 targets 2 times each with the power of Shikigami

 Chimyaku Teni : Kanna can teleport from one point to another, dealing damage to up to 15 targets in the way. In addition, there is a 90% chance to stun any target that remains alive.

 Omyoudou : Permanently increase your INT and LUK by 30.

Second Job
 Shisen Gyouha – En : An “upgrade” to Shisen Gyouha. This is in fact a buff that can be used to give Shisen Gyouha an elemental attribute. This specific skill gives Shisen Gyouha the power of the God of Fire, Kagutsuchi, enabling the third hit to engulf Kanna’s targets in flames for 105% damage per tick at a 40% success rate. In addition, the strength of Shisen Gyouha will be increased by 25% per hit.
 Naho Chikou Yore : Kanna will summon a bigger demon to help her draw in monsters closer to her, dealing 4 hits to up to 6 targets.
 Shikigami Enbu : Quickly rush by enemies, dealing damage to 8 targets 3 times and leaving a Shikigami behind. The Shikigami will reduce the accuracy of and slow down targets around the area and after 5 seconds, the Shikigami will explode, dealing damage to all surrounding targets.
 Omni Shoumetsu : When an enemy dies, its spiritual power will explode, dealing damage to up to 4 targets.
 Youun Shoukan : Create a cloud that will damage any enemies within its range. The cloud will remain after use and will cause damage to enemies within the area of the cloud, dealing damage to the targets over time. Cool down : 60 seconds.
 Kujaku Biraki : Increase weapon speed by an increment of 2 for 200 seconds.
 Enhou Haku : Temporarily transform Haku into Human form, allowing him to aid you in battle. It gives buffs such as Yougen no Ibuki, Haku no Kaifuku, Hana-en Kekkai, and Haku no Shukufuku.
 Yougen no Ibuku : When Haku takes Human form, he has a 40% chance to give Kanna this buff, allowing her to ignore 20% of a target’s defense for 60 seconds.
 Haku no Kaifuku : When Haku takes Human form, he has a chance to recover Kanna’s HP by 50%.
 Hana-en Kekkai : When Haku takes Human form, he has a chance to set up a barrier of 3 flaming orbs for 40 seconds that will reflect damage received for up to 800% damage. When damage is taken, 1 orb is consumed. In addition, this skill has a 20% chance to stun enemies.
 Haku no Shukufuku : When Haku takes Human form, he has a chance to give Kanna a buff that will increase Magical and Physical defense by 200 and Magic Attack by 20% for a duration of 40 seconds.

Third Job
 Shisen Gyouha – Rei : An “upgrade” to Shisen Gyouha. This is in fact a buff that can be used to give Shisen Gyouha an elemental attribute. This specific skill gives Shisen Gyouha the power of the God of Water, Takemi Nakata, enabling the third hit to freeze Kanna’s targets at a 40% success rate, dealing 310% damage 4 times over the period of 4 seconds. In addition, the strength of Shisen Gyouha will be increased by 80% per hit.
 Sunakake Baba : Summon a sand woman to rapidly attack targets, making them dissolve. The sand woman will continue to hit up to 15 targets for a duration of 5 seconds. During the period in which the sand woman is summoned, Kanna can only use her basic attack. Cool down : 20 seconds
 Sou Tengu : Summon two Tengu twins to attack monsters to the left and right of Kanna. The two Tengu twins will deal 5 hits to up to 8 targets, with a 100% chance of dealing critical damage.
 Soko e Naore : Use Haku to draw in enemies closer on both the right and left sides of Kanna, hitting up to 10 targets 3 times each.
 Shugyoku no Juin : When you attack your enemies, their spirit will come out of their bodies at a 40% and can explode, causing damage up to 15 normal targets 10 times and up to 15 times on boss monsters.
 Kyuusei Tenki : Using the power of Omyoujutsu, Kanna can recover 5% HP when an enemy is killed.
 Futsuma Tenki : Permanently increase your Magic Attack by 30 and your Critical Hit Rate by 25%.
 Kishin Shoukan : Kanna will summon the earthbound spirits of Hana and Yuki, who will trade orbs among each other, dealing damage 2 times to up to 15 targets for a duration of 150 seconds. In addition, when this skill is used, a gloom will haunt the map, causing enemies within the map to spawn at a faster rate.
 Kekkai Sakura : Kanna will create a Sakura barrier that will protect herself and her group members, absorbing 30% damage and giving 30% elemental resistance for 150 seconds. Cool down : 180 seconds.

Fourth Job
 Shisen Gyouha – Retsu An “upgrade” to Shisen Gyouha. This is in fact a buff that can be used to give Shisen Gyouha an elemental attribute. This specific skill gives Shisen Gyouha the power of the God of Lightning, Takemi Kazuchi, enabling the third hit to deal additional damage. In addition, the strength of Shisen Gyouha will be increased by 95% per hit.
 You Emaki : Kanna will summon Orochi, dealing damage 5 times to up to 15 targets. Cool down : 30 seconds.
 Taima Ryuuseifu : Dealing damage to up to 15 targets in front of you, you will also bind them, for a duration of 20 seconds. Cool down : 120 seconds.
 Shoujou Kashu : Kanna will summon a heavy drinking demon to throw wine barrels at her enemies, with a 60% success rate of hitting. When the enemies are hit by this demon, the experience gained from the enemy, as well as the chance for an unidentified item to drop, will increase by 30%.
 Koma Koma Sakura : Kanna will summon a Sakura tree on enemies, dealing damage 5 times to up to 10 targets. In addition, party members will have their HP healed by 100%. Cool down : 20 seconds.
 Kekkai Kikyou : Kanna will create a barrier that will increase the damage of all party members dealt to bosses by 25% for a duration of 180 seconds. Cool down : 180 seconds.
 Kasen : Increase Kanna’s weapon mastery over her Fan by 65%. In addition, Kanna’s damage will increase by 30%.
 Haja Rengekifu : Rapidly attack a single target with charms for 3 hits. This key can be held down to conduct a continuous stream of charms that will damage the target.
 Akatsuki no Yuusha : The Akatsuki no Jin version of Maple Hero. Increases all stats by 15% for 900 seconds.
 Akatsuki no Sakura : The Akatsuki no Jin version of Hero’s Will. Negate the effect of Seduce. Cool down : 360 seconds.
 Gensei Haku : Greatly increases the abilities of Haku when transformed into Human shape. The effects of Yougen no Ibuki, Haku no Kaifuku, Hana-en Kekkai, and Haku no Shukufuku are increased.
 Yougen no Ibuku : An upgraded version of Yougen no Ibuki. Ignore 40% of a target’s defense at an 80% success rate.
 Haku no Kaifuku : An upgraded version of Haku no Kaifuku. The healing effect is increased to 100% of Kanna’s HP.
 Hana-en Kekkai : An upgraded version of Hana-en Kekkai. Summon 3 flaming orbs to reflect 1600% damage and stun targets at a 50% success rate. When damage is taken, 1 orb is consumed.
 Haku no Shukufuku : An upgraded version of Haku no Shukufuku. Increases Kanna’s Magical and Physical Defense by 400 and increases her Magic Attack by 50% for a duration of 40 seconds.

Skill Build

First Job :
Level 10 : +1 Shisen Gyouha, +1 Chikou Yore, +3 Chimyaku Teni
Level 11 : +3 Chimyaku Teni
Level 12 : +3 Chimyaku Teni
Level 13 : +3 Chimyaku Teni
Level 14 : +3 Chimyaku Teni (MAX)
Level 15 : +3 Shisen Gyouha
Level 16 : +3 Shisen Gyouha
Level 17 : +3 Shisen Gyouha
Level 18 : +3 Shisen Gyouha
Level 19 : +3 Shisen Gyouha
Level 20 : +3 Shisen Gyouha
Level 21 : +1 Shisen Gyouha (MAX), +2 Omyoudou
Level 22 : +3 Omyoudou
Level 23 : +3 Omyoudou
Level 24 : +2 Omyoudou (MAX), +1 Chikou Yore
Level 25 : +3 Chikou Yore
Level 26 : +3 Chikou Yore
Level 27 : +3 Chikou Yore
Level 28 : +3 Chikou Yore
Level 29 : +3 Chikou Yore
Level 30 : +3 Chikou Yore (MAX)
You max everything.
Explanation :
For obvious reasons, you should dump one point into your two attacking skills to start with. Shisen Gyouha will be your main attack, with Chikou Yore being your Snatch-like attack, sucking monsters in closer to you. With two points into those, it should be efficient enough for low level grinding for a while. After that, I suggest going for Chimyaku Teni, because it’s your teleport skill. The teleport ability will come very much in handy. Plus, it deals damage and stuns targets, so that’s a major plus. After that, I suggest maxing Shisen Gyouha, because it’s your main attack. Alternatively, you can go with Omyoudou if you need the LUK for equipping items. If not, max that after Shisen Gyouha, because the INT helps. After that, Chikou Yore will be what you dump the rest of your points into, maxing everything in your build.

Second Job :
Level 30 : +1 Shisen Gyouha, +1 Naho Chikou Yore, +1 Omni Shoumetsu, +1 Shikigami Enbu, +1 Enhou Haku
Level 31 : +3 Kujaku Biraki
Level 32 : +3 Kujaku Biraki (6)
Level 33 : +3 Omni Shoumetsu
Level 34 : +3 Omni Shoumetsu
Level 35 : +3 Omni Shoumetsu (MAX)
Level 36 : +3 Enhou Haku
Level 37 : +3 Enhou Haku
Level 38 : +3 Enhou Haku
Level 39 : +3 Enhou Haku
Level 40 : +3 Enhou Haku
Level 41 : +3 Enhou Haku
Level 42 : +1 Enhou Haku (MAX), +2 Shisen Gyouha
Level 43 : +3 Shisen Gyouha
Level 44 : +3 Shisen Gyouha
Level 45 : +3 Shisen Gyouha
Level 46 : +3 Shisen Gyouha (MAX)
Level 47 : +3 Shikigami Enbu
Level 48 : +3 Shikigami Enbu
Level 49 : +3 Shikigami Enbu
Level 50 : +3 Shikigami Enbu
Level 51 : +3 Shikigami Enbu
Level 52 : +3 Shikigami Enbu
Level 53 : +1 Shikigami Enbu (MAX), +2 Youun Shoukan
Level 54 : +3 Youun Shoukan
Level 55 : +3 Youun Shoukan
Level 56 : +3 Youun Shoukan
Level 57 : +3 Youun Shoukan
Level 58 : +3 Youun Shoukan
Level 59 : +3 Youun Shoukan (MAX)
Level 60 : +3 Naho Chikou Yore
Level 61 : +3 Naho Chikou Yore
Level 62 : +3 Naho Chikou Yore
Level 63 : +3 Naho Chikou Yore
Level 64 : +3 Naho Chikou Yore
Level 65 : +3 Naho Chikou Yore
Level 66 : +1 Naho Chikou Yore (MAX), +2 Kujaku Biraki
Level 67 : +3 Kujaku Biraki
Level 68 : +3 Kujaku Biraki
Level 69 : +3 Kujaku Biraki
Level 70 : +3 Kujaku Biraki (MAX)
Everything is maxed.
Explanation :
The first point should go to Shisen Gyouha – En. 1 point alone gives Shisen a +25% damage boost, which will be the same for all levels. Naho Chikou Yore should have a point in it, because it’s an “upgrade” to your 1st job mob collecting skill. Put a point in Omni Shoumetsu as well, as it’s a very effective tool. 1 point in Shikigami Enbu will be a fun tool to use and will be nice to use to move around the map without using teleport. A point in Enhou Haku will make Haku be able to transform into Human form, allowing him to give you buffs, which will be effective. Then, I suggest putting 6 points into Kujaku Biraki because a 60 second booster is always delicious. Next, max out Omni Shoumetsu, because it’s only 10 points for a very effective skill. After that, I suggest putting points into Enhou Haku, because the buffs Haku can give can be very useful. After that is maxed, max out Shisen Gyouha – En. It’s only 15 points and it will increase your flame abilities. When that’s maxed, max out Shikigami Enbu, because it can be very fun and effective to use in grinding situations. After that, Youun Soukan is a nice skill to have. It will keep targets effected with a damage over time effect, making it easier to plow them down. After that, Naho Chikou Yore’s damage boost would be a nice addition. Then, finish off your build by maxing out Kujaku Biraki.

Third Job :
Level 70 : +1 Shisen Gyouha, +1 Sou Tengu, +1 Sunakake Baba, +1 Kishin Shoukan, +1 Futsuma Tenki
Level 71 : +1 Soko e Naore, +2 Kyuusei Tenki
Level 72 : +3 Kyuusei Tenki (MAX)
Level 73 : +3 Futsuma Tenki
Level 74 : +3 Futsuma Tenki
Level 75 : +3 Futsuma Tenki
Level 76 : +3 Futsuma Tenki
Level 77 : +3 Futsuma Tenki
Level 78 : +3 Futsuma Tenki
Level 79 : +1 Futsuma Tenki, +2 Sou Tengu
Level 80 : +3 Sou Tengu
Level 81 : +3 Sou Tengu
Level 82 : +3 Sou Tengu
Level 83 : +3 Sou Tengu
Level 84 : +3 Sou Tengu
Level 85 : +2 Sou Tengu (MAX), +1 Sunakake Baba
Level 86 : +3 Sunakake Baba
Level 87 : +3 Sunakake Baba
Level 88 : +3 Sunakake Baba
Level 89 : +3 Sunakake Baba
Level 90 : +3 Sunakake Baba
Level 91 : +3 Sunakake Baba (MAX)
Level 92 : +3 Kishin Shoukan
Level 93 : +3 Kishin Shoukan
Level 94 : +3 Kishin Shoukan
Level 95 : +3 Kishin Shoukan
Level 96 : +3 Kishin Shoukan
Level 97 : +3 Kishin Shoukan
Level 98 : +1 Kishin Shoukan (MAX), +2 Shugyoku no Juin
Level 99 : +3 Shugyoku no Juin
Level 100 : +3 Shugyoku no Juin
Level 101 : +3 Shugyoku no Juin
Level 102 : +3 Shugyoku no Juin
Level 103 : +3 Shugyoku no Juin
Level 104 : +3 Shugyoku no Juin (MAX)
Level 105 : +3 Shisen Gyouha
Level 106 : +3 Shisen Gyouha
Level 107 : +3 Shisen Gyouha
Level 108 : +3 Shisen Gyouha
Level 109 : +2 Shisen Gyouha (MAX), +1 Kekkai Sakura
Level 110 : +3 Kekkai Sakura
Level 111 : +3 Kekkai Sakura
Level 112 : +3 Kekkai Sakura
Level 113 : +3 Kekkai Sakura
Level 114 : +2 Kekkai Sakura (MAX), +1 Soko e Naore
Level 115 : +3 Soko e Naore
Level 116 : +3 Soko e Naore
Level 117 : +3 Soko e Naore
Level 118 : +3 Soko e Naore
Level 119 : +3 Soko e Naore
Level 120 : +3 Soko e Naore (MAX)
You max everything.
Explanation :
To start, put a point into Shisen Gyouha – Rei. This increases the damage of Shisen Gyouha passively to the fullest extent it will be upgraded in 3rd job. Then, put a point into Sou Tengu. This technique will serve as your main mobbing technique in third job. A point in Sunakake Baba is good next, because it has a pretty good range and it kills mobs quickly. Plus, it’s just fun to use! After that, a point in Kishin Shoukan will help greatly, because of the fact that it increases the spawn rate in maps Yuki and Hana are summoned in, making grinding faster. Finally, I suggest one point into Futsuma Tenki, because it increases your critical rate right off the bat by 6%, which is a great boost! Once you level up, put a point into Soko e Naore and 2 points into Kyuusei Tenki. I never use it, personally, but everyone has their own style of play, so it may come in handy for you. Then, I suggest maxing Kyuusei Tenki because the healing ability, for only 5 SP, is insane. You will never have to use HP potions again (except at bosses, because you don’t really have much to kill to keep you alive at bosses).
After Kyuusei Tenki is maxed, go with Futsuma Tenki, because the +30 magic attack and +25% critical rate boost helps more than any other skill in your build. As I’ve said before, critical rate is one of the fastest ways toward getting better damage. After Futsuma Tenki, I’d go with Sou Tengu, because it’s your main mobbing technique. The strong it is, the faster you’ll kill. The faster you kill, the faster you’ll level up. It’s simple logic. After that, I’d suggest Sunakake Baba. Not only is it fast, but it’s very powerful. It kills a large range of monsters pretty quickly, in a hurricane-type fashion. Its cool down makes it a secondary mobbing skill, however. Then, I’d go with Kishin Shoukan, because while the damage from the orbs is pretty insignificant, the amount of time Yuki and Hana are spawned increases the amount of time the spawn rate of the map is increased, helping with grinding dramatically.
After that, I’d go with Shugyoku no Juin. It’s very much similar to a Shadower’s Meso Guard and Pick Pocket, mixed into one skill. It hits up to 10 times per regular mob and 15 times to a boss, depending on how much spirit is scattered around the map, making it a very good tool for bossing. The only problem I’ve found with this skill is that the spirit tends to disappear rather quickly. I do not know if the time will increase with later levels, though. When that’s maxed, go with Shisen Gyouha – Rei. This skill helps by freezing mobs and dealing damage over time to them. The reason I didn’t max this sooner was because it’s pretty unnecessary during normal grinding situations at those levels. After that, go with Kekkai Sakura, because around those levels, the damage reduction and status effect resistance will be pretty helpful – especially if you go to Master Guardians at level 115. Then, finish up your build with Soko e Naore. Again, I didn’t ever use that skill, so I put it last.

Fourth Job :
Level 120 : +1 Shisen Gyouha, +1 Gensei Haku, +1 Taima Ryuuseifu, +1 Koma Koma Sakura, +1 You Emaki
Level 121 : +3 Kasen
Level 122 : +3 Kasen
Level 123 : +3 Kasen
Level 124 : +3 Kasen
Level 125 : +3 Kasen
Level 126 : +3 Kasen
Level 127 : +3 Kasen
Level 128 : +3 Kasen
Level 129 : +3 Kasen
Level 130 : +3 Kasen (MAX)
Level 131 : +3 Gensei Haku
Level 132 : +3 Gensei Haku
Level 133 : +3 Gensei Haku
Level 134 : +3 Gensei Haku
Level 135 : +3 Gensei Haku
Level 136 : +3 Gensei Haku
Level 137 : +1 Gensei Haku (MAX), +2 Shisen Gyouha
Level 138 : +3 Shisen Gyouha
Level 139 : +3 Shisen Gyouha
Level 140 : +3 Shisen Gyouha
Level 141 : +3 Shisen Gyouha (MAX)
Level 142 : +3 Shoujou Kashu
Level 143 : +3 Shoujou Kashu
Level 144 : +3 Shoujou Kashu
Level 145 : +3 Shoujou Kashu
Level 146 : +3 Shoujou Kashu
Level 147 : +3 Shoujou Kashu
Level 148 : +3 Shoujou Kashu
Level 149 : +3 Shoujou Kashu
Level 150 : +3 Shoujou Kashu
Level 151 : +3 Shoujou Kashu (MAX)
Level 152 : +3 Kekkai Kikyou
Level 153 : +3 Kekkai Kikyou
Level 154 : +3 Kekkai Kikyou
Level 155 : +3 Kekkai Kikyou
Level 156 : +3 Kekkai Kikyou
Level 157 : +3 Kekkai Kikyou
Level 158 : +2 Kekkai Kikyou (MAX), +1 You Emaki
Level 159 : +3 You Emaki
Level 160 : +3 You Emaki
Level 161 : +3 You Emaki
Level 162 : +3 You Emaki
Level 163 : +3 You Emaki
Level 164 : +3 You Emaki
Level 165 : +3 You Emaki
Level 166 : +3 You Emaki
Level 167 : +3 You Emaki
Level 168 : +1 You Emaki (MAX), +2 Taima Ryuuseifu
Level 169 : +3 Taima Ryuuseifu
Level 170 : +3 Taima Ryuuseifu
Level 171 : +3 Taima Ryuuseifu
Level 172 : +3 Taima Ryuuseifu
Level 173 : +3 Taima Ryuuseifu
Level 174 : +2 Taima Ryuuseifu (MAX), +1 Koma Koma Sakura
Level 175 : +3 Koma Koma Sakura
Level 176 : +3 Koma Koma Sakura
Level 177 : +3 Koma Koma Sakura
Level 178 : +3 Koma Koma Sakura
Level 179 : +3 Koma Koma Sakura
Level 180 : +3 Koma Koma Sakura (MAX)
Level 181 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 182 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 183 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 184 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 185 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 186 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 187 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 188 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 189 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 190 : +2 Akatsuki no Yuusha (29), +1 Akatsuki no Sakura
Level 191 : +3 Akatsuki no Sakura
Level 192 : +1 Akatsuki no Sakura (MAX), +2 Haja Rengekifu
Level 193 : +3 Haja Rengekifu
Level 194 : +3 Haja Rengekifu
Level 195 : +3 Haja Rengekifu
Level 196 : +3 Haja Rengekifu
Level 197 : +3 Haja Rengekifu
Level 198 : +3 Haja Rengekifu
Level 199 : +3 Haja Rengekifu
Level 200 : +3 Haja Rengekifu (26)
Everything but Haja Rengekifu is maxed.
Explanation :
For your first point, you should put it into Shisen Gyouha – Retsu. This will upgrade Shisen Gyouha’s damage passively by 95%, which is a great boost. A point into Gensei Haku will help, as it’ll increase the capabilities of all of Haku’s buffs. A point into Taima Ryuuseifu will help, because it has a 60% chance to bind enemies – including bosses – for 10 seconds. A point into Koma Koma Sakura not only helps heal you, but it does nice multi-target damage. Finally, a point into You Emaki will help with multi-target damage.
After that, I suggest maxing Kasen first. This is your increased mastery skill. It boosts Kanna’s mastery over her fan to 85% and increases her total damage by 30%, which is a major boost. After that, I’d go with Gensei Haku, because, as said before, it increases the effects of Haku’s buffs, which help a lot in many different ways. After Gensei Haku is maxed, I suggest going with Shisen Gyouha – Retsu, because Retsu adds additional damage, which helps greatly with DPS. Plus, it’s only 15 points to max and doesn’t require a mastery book. Isn’t that great?
Following Shisen Gyouha – Retsu, I’d go with Shoujou Kashu. I didn’t suggest putting a point into it earlier because a single point will only give it a 2% activation rate, which is pretty terrible. However, at maximum level, it’ll have a 60% activation rate to deal an extra 150% damage and it also increases the experience and drop rate of unidentified items from monsters by 30%. After Shoujou Kashu, go with Kekkai Kikyou, because the +30% boss damage helps significantly – especially considering Kanna is a class centered around bossing!
After that, max You Emaki, because it’s your biggest boost to multi-target DPS in your fourth job tree. Follow it up with Taima Ryuuseifu, since the binding effect of Taima Ryuuseifu will make any boss cower in your presence. Then, max Koma Koma Sakura, as it also increases your multi-target DPS as well as the fact that it heals everyone in your party by 100% of their HP. Then, put 29 points into Akatsuki no Yuusha. A 30th point is insignificant and unnecessary, as it only adds 30 seconds of duration to the skill and nothing else. Followig that, max Akatsuki no Sakura to help fight against Seduce.
Finally, finish up your build by dumping all remaining points into Haja Rengekifu. Haja Rengekifu, like Hayato’s Shinsoku Musou, is the words skill in Kanna’s tree, even though it’s Kanna’s only single target attack in 4th job. It’s kind of strange that their single target attacks fall short of their multi-target attacks, isn’t it? Anyway, according to JoeTang of, you would need +50% boss damage or total damage, EXCLUDING Kanna’s skills, to be able to use Haja Rengekifu to out-damage Shisen Gyouha with Retsu applied.
Of course, JoeTang’s numbers are currently not finalized. There seems to be some things he hasn’t accounted for in Shisen Gyouha’s case with Retsu applied, so with that being the case, Haja Rengekifu does not stand the slightest chance at being stronger than Shisen Gyouha spam.