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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Phantom Guide

Welcome to my comprehensive guide for Phantom. This guide has everything a Phantom need to know varying from skill builds to AP distribution to training spots to equipment to medals! We have everything you need to know! If you want to find the skill build for your level, just press control + f and type your level in. It should take you to the skill build. Please do not edit without my permission.
Hyper Skills included in this guide!


Phantom Picture.jpg
Hundreds of years ago, Phantom gained fame and fortune by stealing precious treasures from the wealthy. He intentionally left clues at every crime scene so all of his targets would know it was he, the master thief, who had made off with their valuables. Though many tried, no one ever learned his true identity, and many began to believe he was something more than human. He was dubbed “Phantom” by the people.
When attempting to steal the Skaia, a precious jewel rumored to be connected to the power of Empress Aria of Ereve, Phantom ended up falling hopelessly in love with the Empress. The two developed a burgeoning friendship that became more romantic by the day. Instead of attempting to steal the Skaia again, Phantom decided to simply ask Aria for it. Although she found this amusing, she always declined.
Before their romance could deepen, Aria was tricked and killed by an envoy of the Black Mage led by the sinister General Orchid. Devastated by Aria’s death, Phantom offered his help to Freud the Dragon Master, and joined forces with a group of heroes to strike back at the Black Mage. The Five Legendary Heroes were eventually able to defeat the Black Mage and seal him away. Phantom had played his part in protecting the world that Aria had once believed in.
But his victory was not without great sacrifice. Cursed by the Black Mage while sealing him away, Phantom was encased in magical ice for hundreds of years. Eventually, the magic weakened, and Phantom broke free. After hearing rumors that Hilla was the rightful owner of Skaia and heir to the throne, Phantom rushed to Ereve. He stunned the onlookers by proving that Empress Cygnus was the rightful Heir to Empress Aria’s throne and Hilla had deceived them all. Hilla had no choice but to flee, and Phantom has since returned to his personal airship, the Lumiere, to build his strength in preparation for the fight against forces that seek to revive the Black Mage and plunge the world into another age of terror and chaos.

Phantom has high evasion and critical chance. It is a combination of the Thief concept and many unique skills and system. His primary weapon is called the Cane, and the secondary one, Cards. Attacking monsters grants you more Cards allowing you to use more skills.
One of the talents of the Phantom Thief is that he can use a select number of skills from other characters in the same map. He enters Steal Mode and chooses a character to take a skill from. The Cane then turns into a weapon from that class.


Phantom creation starts out with you on your boat, Crystal Garden, about to go Ereb to stop Hilla from taking the title of Empress of Ereb from Empress Cygnus. The tutorial then starts out with a Metal Gear Solid like stealth quest in which you bypass the guards by using your disappearing skill or throwing mesos to distract the guards. Don't get too worked up if you can't get this tutorial to finish the first time, as it can take a bit to finally finish it entirely. After you're done with the tutorial itself, you'll see the NPCs talking to you about Hilla saying she is the true Empress of Ereb as she has the real Skyia. This leads to a video cutscene to play showing off what Phantom can do. This video can be found here. After the video plays, you will return to Crystal Garden and begin the actual leveling.
When you enter Crystal Garden, you will have a quest from someone named Alfred. Alfred will ask you to kill 30 orange mushrooms located in Crystal Garden itself. Once you're done killing your 30 mushrooms, Alfred will give you a level up potion. This potion will level you up to level 18. Once you're done with your excessive clicking to gain 6 levels, you will receive another quest from Alfred to kill 50 stumps. Finally, after that you're done with the entry quests.

Development and Release

Phantom will be made available on July 12th, 2012. During the time leading up to Phantoms release, players can receive a letter from him, stating that he has "stolen the heart of your dearest friend". Cassandra will give you the actual letter, which, when opened, will give a letter from Phantom, which provides a damage boost for an hour, 3 renegade coins, and the Carte Fanatique, which has hidden potential and can be given to Phantom characters.

Pros And Cons

A gameplay variety due to skill steal feature.

Highest DPS in the game

Able to sue magic and weapon attack skills.

Quite low defense and avoid for a thief.

Certain levels are so tedious...

Relatively low hp

You can only steal Explorer skills.


The Phantom has various skills, but his most unique and eye-catching skill is his ability to steal other characters skills and use them for himself.

First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Phantom (II)
Phantom (III)
Phantom (IV)
Beginner Phantom Skills
IconSkill NameDescriptionTypeMasteredElementPrerequisites
To The Skies.pngTo The SkiesReturns to Phantom's airship, Lumiere.Active1x-
Phantom Instinct.pngPhantom InstinctUses phenomenal insight to locate an enemy's critical weakness.Passive1x-
Shroud Walk.pngShroud WalkSwathes you in a curtain of cards to teleport long distances.Supportive1x-
Dexterous Training.pngDexterous TrainingPhantom carries phenomenal insight and dexterity that allow him to wield a variety of weapons.Passive1x-
Skill Swipe.pngSkill SwipeSteals the skills of Explorer characters nearby. Select skills cannot be stolen.
TIP: To know what skills you can steal, go to this page.
Loadout.pngLoadoutAllows you to manage skills stolen from other Explorer characters. Use this skill to throw away stolen skills or call them up with Impeccable Memory.Supportive1x-
Judgment Draw.pngJudgment DrawUses up your entire stack of cards to pull out one card and grant additional effects to that card's attack. Can only been used when your deck is full.Supportive1x-

First Job Phantom Skills
IconSkill NameDescriptionTypeMasteredElementPrerequisites
Double Entendre.pngDouble EntendreQuickly strikes an enemy twice.Active20x-
Impeccable Memory I.pngImpeccable Memory ILets you use 1st job skills stolen from Explorers. Passive effects from skills will not work. Equip stolen skills using Loadout.
TIP: To know what skills you can steal, go to this page.
Phantom Swiftness.pngPhantom SwiftnessPermanently increases Movement Speed, Max Movement Speed, and Jump. Increasing the Skill Level will increase Jump distance. Can also be used with jump key.Supportive15x-
Feather Foot.pngFeather FootPermanently increases Avoidability.Passive10x-

Second Job Phantom Skills
IconSkill NameDescriptionTypeMasteredElementPrerequisites
Calling Card.pngCalling CardLaunches enchanted cards at enemies.Active20x-
Impeccable Memory II.pngImpeccable Memory IILets you use 2nd job skills stolen from Explorers. Passive effects from skills will not work. Equip stolen skills using Loadout.
TIP: To know what skills you can steal, go to this page.
Mille Cartes.pngMille CartesLaunches a torrent of cards that knocks back enemies.Active20x-
Carte Blanche.pngCarte BlancheEach critical attack has a chance to produce a card that attacks nearby enemy automatically. This card is added to your deck.Passive10x-
Cane Mastery.pngCane MasteryIncreases the weapon mastery and Accuracy of canes.Passive20x-
Cane Booster.pngCane BoosterUses MP to temporarily increase the attack speed of your canes by 2 levels.Supportive20x-
Devil's Luck.pngDevil's LuckPermanently increases LUK.Passive10x-

Third Job Phantom Skills
IconSkill NameDescriptionTypeMasteredElementPrerequisites
Blason.pngBlasonMarks enemies with Phantom's coat of arms before slicing them to bits.Active20x-
Impeccable Memory III.pngImpeccable Memory IIILets you use 3rd job skills stolen from Explorers. Passive effects from skills will not work. Equip stolen skills using Loadout.
TIP: To know what skills you can steal, go to this page.
Final Feint.pngFinal FeintUsing this skill will increase your preparedness for all enemy attacks, reviving you instantly with some HP if you reach KO status. This skill increases also increases LUK permanently.Supportive20x-
Bad Luck Ward.pngBad Luck WardCasts a sigil to ward off bad luck. Increases HP, MP, Elemental Resistance, and Abnormal Status Resistance.Supportive20x-
Shadow Mask.pngShadow MaskPermanently increases Avoidability chance.Passive20x-
Claire de Lune.pngClaire de LuneEnjoys the cool evening moonlight to increase Attack and Accuracy.Supportive20x-
Rapier Wit.pngRapier WitForms a giant sword with cards, then charges and performs multiple attacks. Link with Mille Cartes to reduce post-attack downtime. Permanently increases Mille Cartes's damage.Active20x-
Piercing Vision.pngPiercing VisionPermanently increases Critical Rate.Passive20x-

Fourth Job Phantom Skills

IconSkill NameDescriptionTypeMasteredElementPrerequisites
Maple Warrior.gifMaple WarriorIncreases the stats of all party members.Supportive30x-
Hero's Will.pngHero's WillBy focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects.Supportive5x-
Mille Aiguilles.pngMille AiguillesFly into a stabbing frenzy, jabbing your enemies with blinding speed. This attack can be executed repeatedly and you can move while attacking.Active30x-
Impeccable Memory IV.pngImpeccable Memory IVLets you use 4th job skills stolen from Explorers. Passive effects from skills will not work. Equip stolen skills using Loadout.
TIP: To know what skills you can steal, go to this page.
Carte Noire.pngCarte NoireEach critical attack has a chance to produce a card that attacks nearby enemy automatically. This card is added to your deck. Also permanently increases Avoidability chance.Passive20x-
Penombre.pngPenombreLeaps back and throws a powerful card attack. Link with Rapier Wit to reduce post-attack downtime. Permanently increases Rapier Wit's damage.Active20x-
Priere D'Aria.pngPriere D'AriaPowerful memories of Aria significantly increase Attack and allow you to ignore some enemy DEF.Supportive30x-
TempestSkill.pngTempestCreates an expanding tornado of cards to blast through enemies.Active30x-
Cane Expert.pngCane ExpertIncreases Cane Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage.Passive30x-
Vol D'Ame.pngVol D'AmeSteals buffs from nearby monsters. If you steal more than one buff, the most powerful will be applied. This skill only works of monsters have been buffed.Active20x-

Skill Build

First Job

10. 1 Double Entendre (1), 4 Phantom Swiftness (4)
11. 3 Phantom Swiftness (7)
12. 3 Phantom Swiftness (10)
13. 3 Phantom Swiftness (13)
14. 2 Phantom Swiftness (MAX), 1 Feather Foot (1)
15. 3 Feather Foot (4)
16. 3 Feather Foot (7)
17. 3 Feather Foot (MAX)
18. 3 Double Entendre (4)
19. 3 Double Entendre (7)
20. 3 Double Entendre (10)
21. 3 Double Entendre (13)
22. 3 Double Entendre (16)
23. 3 Double Entendre (19)
24. 1 Double Entendre (MAX), 2 Impeccable Memory I (2)
25. 3 Impeccable Memory I (5)
26. 3 Impeccable Memory I (8)
27. 3 Impeccable Memory I (11)
28. 3 Impeccable Memory I (14)
29. 3 Impeccable Memory I (17)
30. 3 Impeccable Memory I (MAX)
Summary: All Skills are maxed

Since you start at level 18, you add one point into Double Entendre to be able to attack and max out both your mobilty and evasion skill to get it over with. Afterwards you finish off Double Entendre and move on to maxing your Impeccable Memory due to the fact there aren't many first job skills worth stealing to place it in an earlier precedence.

Second Job

30. 1 Carte Blanc (1, automatic), 1 Calling Card (1)
31. 1 Carte Mille (1), 2 Cane Mastery (2)
32. 3 Cane Mastery (5)
33. 3 Cane Booster (3)
34. 3 Cane Booster (6)
35. 3 Cane Mastery (8)
36. 3 Cane Mastery (11)
37. 3 Cane Mastery (14)
38. 3 Cane Mastery (17)
39. 3 Cane Mastery (MAX)
40. 3 Impeccable Memory II (3)
41. 3 Impeccable Memory II (6)
42. 3 Impeccable Memory II (9)
43. 3 Impeccable Memory II (12)
44. 3 Impeccable Memory II (15)
45. 3 Impeccable Memory II (18)
46. 2 Impeccable Memory II (MAX), 1 Calling Card (2)
47. 3 Calling Card (5)
48. 3 Calling Card (8)
49. 3 Calling Card (11)
50. 3 Calling Card (14)
51. 3 Calling Card (17)
52. 3 Calling Card (MAX)
53. 3 Carte Blanc (4)
54. 3 Carte Blanc (7)
55. 3 Carte Blanc (MAX)
56. 3 Devil's Luck (3)
57. 3 Devil's Luck (6)
58. 3 Devil's Luck (9)
59. 1 Devil's Luck (MAX), 2 Cane Booster (8)
60. 3 Cane Booster (11)
61. 3 Cane Booster (14)
62. 3 Cane Booster (17)
63. 3 Cane Booster (MAX)
64. 3 Carte Mille (4)
65. 3 Carte Mille (7)
66. 3 Carte Mille (10)
67. 3 Carte Mille (13)
68. 3 Carte Mille (16)
69. 3 Carte Mille (19)
70. 1 Carte Mille (MAX), 2 Left over SP.
Summary: All Skills are maxed, 2 sp is left over.
Reasoning: Add your first point into Calling Card in order to get a better attacking skill from Double Entendre, Carte Blanc is given automatically. You may have noticed at this point that you now possess a deck of cards next to you. This means that you've unlocked the ability to use Judgment Draw 1. Your card stack adds cards for every critical FA hit you make. After adding a point into Blanc Calling Card, begin to work into Mastery until it's at 5 to add points into booster. Booster is needed to allow you to attack quicker and thus train faster. After adding points to booster, add points into Mastery to give you a boost in damage. Impeccable Memory is maxed to allow you receive buffs to help you train quicker, such as Thunderbolt. Carte Mille is left for last because it has a very large delay associated with it and Carte Blanc is added late due to the fact that you don't have a high critical rate for it to be useful. The rest should be self-explanatory as it is.

Third Job

70. 1 Rapier Wit (1)
71. 1 Mist Mask (1), 1 Blason Fantome (1), 1 Piercing Vision (1)
72. 3 Impeccable Memory III (3)
73. 3 Impeccable Memory III (6)
74. 3 Impeccable Memory III (9)
75. 3 Impeccable Memory III (12)
76. 3 Impeccable Memory III (15)
77. 3 Impeccable Memory III (18)
78. 2 Impeccable Memory III (MAX), 1 Lune (1)
79. 3 Lune (4)
80. 3 Lune (7)
81. 3 Lune (10)
82. 3 Lune (13)
83. 3 Lune (16)
84. 3 Lune (19)
85. 1 Lune (MAX), 2 Blason Fantome (3)
86. 3 Blason Fantome (6)
87. 3 Blason Fantome (9)
88. 2 Blason Fantome (11), 1 Piercing Vision (2)
89. 3 Piercing Vision (5)
90. 3 Piercing Vision (8)
91. 3 Piercing Vision (11)
92. 3 Piercing Vision (14)
93. 3 Piercing Vision (17)
94. 3 Piercing Vision (MAX)
95. 3 Mist Mask (4)
96. 3 Mist Mask (7)
97. 3 Mist Mask (10)
98. 3 Mist Mask (13)
99. 3 Mist Mask (16)
100. 3 Mist Mask (19)
101. 1 Mist Mask (MAX), 2 Bad Luck Ward (2)

102. 3 Bad Luck Ward (5)
103. 3 Bad Luck Ward (8)
104. 3 Bad Luck Ward (11)
105. 3 Bad Luck Ward (14)
106. 3 Bad Luck Ward (17)
107. 3 Bad Luck Ward (MAX)
108. 3 Final Feint (3)
109. 3 Final Feint (6)
110. 3 Final Feint (9)
111. 3 Final Feint (12)
112. 3 Final Feint (15)
113. 3 Final Feint (18)
114. 2 Final Feint (MAX), 1 Rapier Wit (2)
115. 3 Rapier Wit (5)
116. 3 Rapier Wit (8)
117. 3 Rapier Wit (11)
118. 3 Rapier Wit (14)
119. 3 Rapier Wit (17)
120. 3 Rapier Wit (MAX)
End Result: All skills are maxed except Blason Famtone

Reasoning: Your first points are distributed to all the important skills. Impeccable Memory is maxed ASAP due to Holy Symbol to help you train faster. Lune is next for added damage. Blason Fantome is left at 11 because it is replaced instantly. Piercing Vision is afterwards to improve critical rate and help activate Carte Blanc, and soon Carte Noir, faster to fill up your stack of cards for Judgment Draw buff use. Mist Mask, Bad Luck Ward, and Final Feint are all defensive skills that help your limited survival as a Phantom and can resurrect you upon death. Rapier Wit is last due to its large delay without the chaining of Penombre making it almost unusable.

Fourth Job Skill Build

120. 1 Mille Aiguilles (1), 1 Penombre (1), 1 Impeccable Memory IV (1), 1 Carte Noir (1, automatic)
121. 1 Pouvoir Emprunte (1), 1 Tempest (1), 1 Aria Amour (1)
122. 3 Aria Amour (4)
123. 3 Aria Amour (7)
124. 3 Aria Amour (10)
125. 3 Aria Amour (13)
126. 3 Aria Amour (16)
127. 3 Aria Amour (19)
128. 3 Aria Amour (22)
129. 3 Aria Amour (25)
130. 3 Aria Amour (28)
131. 2 Aria Amour (MAX), 1 Cane Expert (1)
132. 3 Cane Expert (4)
133. 3 Cane Expert (7)
134. 3 Cane Expert (10)
135. 3 Cane Expert (13)
136. 3 Cane Expert (16)
137. 3 Cane Expert (19)
138. 3 Cane Expert (22)
139. 3 Cane Expert (25)
140. 3 Cane Expert (28)
141. 2 Cane Expert (MAX), 1 Impeccable Memory IV (2)
142. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (5)
143. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (8)
144. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (11)
145. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (14)
146. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (17)
147. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (20)
148. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (23)
149. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (26)
150. 3 Impeccable Memory IV (29)
151. 1 Impeccable Memory IV (MAX), 2 Penombre (3)
152. 3 Penombre (6)
153. 3 Penombre (9)
154. 3 Penombre (12)
155. 3 Penombre (15)
156. 3 Penombre (18)
157. 2 Penombre (MAX), 1 Carte Noir (2)
158. 3 Carte Noir (5)
159. 3 Carte Noir (8)
160. 3 Carte Noir (11)
161. 3 Carte Noir (14)
162. 3 Carte Noir (17)
163. 3 Carte Noir (MAX)
164. 3 Mille Aiguilles (4)
165. 3 Mille Aiguilles (7)
166. 3 Mille Aiguilles (10)
167. 3 Mille Aiguilles (13)
168. 3 Mille Aiguilles (16)
169. 3 Mille Aiguilles (19)
170. 3 Mille Aiguilles (22)
171. 3 Mille Aiguilles (25)
172. 3 Mille Aiguilles (28)
173. 2 Mille Aiguilles (MAX), 1 Maple Warrior (1)
174. 3 Maple Warrior (4)
175. 3 Maple Warrior (7)
176. 3 Maple Warrior (10)
177. 3 Maple Warrior (13)
178. 3 Maple Warrior (16)
179. 3 Maple Warrior (19) 180. 3 Maple Warrior (22)
181. 3 Maple Warrior (25)
182. 3 Maple Warrior (28)
183. 1 Maple Warrior (29), 2 Pouvoir Emprunte (3)
184. 3 Pouvoir Emprunte (6)
185. 3 Pouvoir Emprunte (9)
186. 3 Pouvoir Emprunte (12)
187. 3 Pouvoir Emprunte (15)
188. 3 Pouvoir Emprunte (18)
189. 2 Pouvoir Emprunte (MAX), 1 Hero's Will (1)
190. 3 Hero's Will (4) 191. 1 Hero's Will (MAX), 2 Tempest (3)
192. 3 Tempest (6)
193. 3 Tempest (9)
194. 3 Tempest (12)
195. 3 Tempest (15)
196. 3 Tempest (18)
197. 3 Tempest (21)
198. 3 Tempest (24)
199. 3 Tempest (27)
200. 3 Tempest (MAX)

End Result: Every skill is maxed except Maple Warrior which is kept at level 29.
Reasoning: Since we all love fourth job so much, we always tend to add a point into every skill we have to play around with. Mathematical reason for build will be given below. Fourth Job allows you to unlock Judgment Draw 2 and gives you three more cards to your set. Your card stack is also automatically upgraded from 20 to 40.

Skill Stealing

One of the Phantom's most unique capabilities is to copy the skills of the Explorer classes; it's what makes him a master Thief. Your Impeccable Memory skill can copy the skills from 1st to 4th job, attack skill from buff, making Phantom truly versatile. However, not all skills will apply.

The Rules of Stolen Skills

  1. Only skills of the 5 Explorer classes can be stolen. Cygnus Knights, Heroes, Resistance and Special Explorers, such as Dual Bladers, Cannoneers and Jett, are exempt from Impeccable Memory.
  2. The level of the stolen skill depends on the level of the original skill and the level of Impeccable Memory itself. For example, If you have stolen level 20 Rage with a level 10 Impeccable Memory II, the stolen Rage will be lowered to level 10. Another example is that if you steal a level 3 Haste with level 20 Impeccable Memory I, the stolen skill will always remain at level 3.
  3. Passive Effects of some skills cannot be stolen.
  4. Skills that involve summons cannot be stolen. Shadow Partner, Silver Hawk and Frostprey are a few examples of summons.
  5. Mobility skills cannot be stolen.
  6. Maple Warrior and Hero's Will cannot be stolen.

List of Stolen Skills

This shows the list of skills that may be stolen by Phantom.

Warrior Skills

  • Iron Body.gif- Iron Body
  • Power Strike.png- Power Strike
  • NewSlashBlast.png- Slash Blast


  • Rage.gif- Rage
  • Power Reflection.png- Power Reflection
  • Ground Smash.png- Ground Smash
  • Combo Attack.gif- Combo Attack
  • Panic (Sword).gif- Panic
  • Coma (Sword).gif- Coma
  • Brandish.gif- Brandish
  • Magic Crash.png- Magic Crash
  • Shout.gif- Shout
  • Monster Magnet.gif- Monster Magnet
  • Power Stance.png- Power Stance
  • Intrepid Slash.png- Intrepid Slash
  • Rush.png- Rush

Page/White Knight/Paladin

  • Threaten Icon.gif- Threaten
  • Power Guard.gif- Power Guard
  • Ground Smash.png- Ground Smash
  • HP Recovery.png- HP Recovery
  • Combat Orders.png- Combat Orders
  • Magic Crash.png- Magic Crash
  • Blast.png- Blast
  • NewHH.png- Heaven's Hammer
  • Power Stance.png- Power Stance
  • Rush.png- Rush

Spearman/Dragon Knight/Dark Knight

  • Iron Wall Icon.gif- Iron Wall
  • Hyper Body2.png- Hyper Body
  • Ground Smash.png- Ground Smash
  • Dragon Blood.gif- Dragon Blood
  • Busters.gif- Dragon Buster
  • Dragonroar.gif- Magic Crash
  • Fury.png- Dragon Fury
  • Sacrifice.gif- Sacrifice
  • Monster Magnet.gif- Monster Magnet
  • Power Stance.png- Power Stance
  • Rush.png- Rush
  • Dark Impale.png- Dark Impale

Magician Skills

  • Magic Guard.gif- Magic Guard
  • Magic Armor.gif- Magic Armor
  • Energy Bolt.gif- Energy Bolt
  • NewMagicClaw.png- Magic Claw

F/P Wizard/Mage/Arch Mage

  • Meditation.gif- Meditation
  • Slow.gif- Slow
  • Fire Arrow2.png- Blazing Arrow
  • Poison Breath.gif- Poison Breath
  • Seal.gif- Seal
  • Elemental Reset.PNG- Elemental Decrease
  • Explosion.gif- Explosion
  • Poison Mist.gif- Poison Mist
  • Fire Demon.gif- Fire Demon
  • Big Bang.gif- Big Bang
  • Mist Eruption.png- Mist Eruption
  • Paralyze.gif- Paralyze
  • Meteor Shower.gif- Meteor Shower

I/L Wizard/Mage/Arch Mage

  • Meditation.gif- Meditation
  • Slow.gif- Slow
  • Cold Beam.gif- Cold Beam
  • Thunderbolt.gif- Thunderbolt
  • Seal.gif- Seal
  • Elemental Reset.PNG- Elemental Decrease
  • Ice Strike.gif- Ice Strike
  • Thunder Spear.png- Thunder Spear
  • Ice Demon.gif- Ice Demon
  • Big Bang.gif- Big Bang
  • Glacial Chain.png- Glacier Chain
  • Chain Lighting.gif- Chain Lightning
  • Blizzard(2).gif- Blizzard


  • Heal.gif- Heal
  • Invin.png- Invincible
  • Bless.gif- Bless
  • Holy Arrow.png- Holy Arrow
  • Dispel.gif- Dispel
  • Holy Symbol.gif- Holy Symbol
  • Shining Ray.gif- Shining Ray
  • Big Bang.gif- Big Bang
  • Advanced Blessing.png- Advanced Blessing
  • Resurrection.gif- Resurrection
  • Angel Ray.gif- Angel Ray
  • Genesis.gif- Genesis

Archer Skills

  • Arrow Blow.png- Arrow Blow
  • Double Shot.png- Double Shot

Hunter/Ranger/Bow Master

  • Arrow Bomb.gif- Arrow Bomb
  • Concentrate.png- Concentrate
  • Puppet.gif- Puppet
  • Ranger's Inferno.gif- Roasting Shot
  • Arrow Rain.gif- Arrow Rain
  • Drain Arrow.png- Drain Arrow
  • Strafe.png- Strafe
  • SharpEyesThumb.gif- Sharp Eyes
  • HurricaneThumb.gif- Hurricane

Crossbow Man/Sniper/Marksman

  • Iron Arrow.gif- Threaten
  • Concentrate.png- Concentrate
  • Puppet.gif- Puppet
  • Blizzard.gif- Snapfreeze Shot
  • Arrow Eruption.gif- Arrow Eruption
  • DragonsBreathThumb.gif- Dragon's Breath
  • Strafe.png- Strafe
  • PiercingThumb.gif- Piercing Arrow
  • SharpEyesThumb.gif- Sharp Eyes
  • SnipingThumb.gif- Snipe


Phantom has a red car mount. He can obtain this by completing a quest at level 50. At level 200, you receive a different mount called Royce.


This part is meant to help you level up with ease!

Level 1-10

You instantly become level 10 when you make your Mercedes. No quests required. You start in a town known as Elluel. Elluel is the Elf Town, which is located in the forest of Ellinia. The only ways to access it is to walk there through Ellinia or to use Elven Blessing to teleport there.

Level 10-18

Blue Ribbon Pigs, Starfish at Nautilus
Blue Ribbon Pig Location.jpg

Level 18-20

Job Quest from Athena Pierce. It is called Final Battle With Amdusias
Final Battle With Amdusias Quest.jpg

Level 20-30

Rotting Skeletons at NLC Haunted House Chimmney or Golemns at Henesys
Rotting Skeleton location.jpg

Level 30-36

Mushroom Castle Quests. Mushroom Castle is accessible via Henesys or Lith harbour. You should receive a quest from your instructor regarding mushroom castle. He or she gives you the option to teleport you there.
Mc loca.png

Level 36-44

Kerning Square Quests or CDs Grind
Kerning Square Location.jpg

Level 45-50

Dead Scarecrows at NLC Haunted House Chimney Or Quests at Sleepywood and Orbis
Dead Scarecrow Location.jpg

Level 51-70

PQS such as LPQ and KPQ OR Level 51-70: Jesters at NLC Haunted House Chimney OR Level 60-89: Nett's Pyramid
Ludi PQ.jpg
Kerning PQ.jpg
Jesters Location.jpg

Level 70-90

Romeo and Juliet PQ, Orbis PQ Jesters, Mysterious Path 3 at Boat Quat Town in Singapore(Accessible via a lady in Kerning City)
MPQ Location.jpg Orbis PQ.jpg Mysterious Path 3.png

Level 90-110

Aliens at Alien Base Corridor 6 (Accessible Via NLC, must complete prequests) OR Romeo and Juliet PQ, Orbis PQ
Aliens Map.jpg

Level 110-120

Lion Heart Castle, Romeo And Juliet PQ, Orbis PQ
LHC Location.jpg

Level 120-140

Lion Heart Castle, Level 120+ PQS
LHC Location.jpg

Level 140-165

Lion Heart Castle, Temple Of Time, Level 120+ PQS
Temple Of Time Location.jpg

Level 165-179

Stronghold Drill Halls (Accessable Via Temple of Time), Lion Heart Castle
Stronghold Drill Hall Locations.jpg

Level 179-200

Hall of Honour (Near the end of StrongHold), Level 120+ PQS, Lion Heart Castle,
Hall Of Honour Location.jpg