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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

KMST V282 ~ Golden Temple

A new premium dungeon has arrived. Golden Temple.

Neo City = Neo Tokyo (Japan)

Kerning Square = Taipei 101 (Taiwan)

Golden Temple = Siam (Thailand)

Who’s next?

In the test server the Golden Temple is only available for one month (this might change in the official server). In this case, after February 28th, the Golden Temple cannot be accessed.

Unless you buy a cash item.

This cash item is an invitation to Golden Temple. If you double-click the item, you obtain a Premium Golden Ticket (). With this ticket you can enter the Golden Temple.

The ”Invitation to Golden Temple” cash item is not available in the Cash Shop because right now you can access the Golden Temple for free.

I don’t know how much this cash item is gonna cost. I think the people will not like this move by Nexon…

A new pet came along with this patch:

This cute little fella does not have a name yet.

Read more for the Golden Temple update~

메이플스토리 클라이언트 Ver. 1.2.282 릴리즈 되었습니다.

MapleStory client Ver. 1.2.282 has been released.

이번 패치에서는 다음과 같은 사항이 수정, 추가되었습니다.

In this patch the following matters were added.

<아이템 관련>

1. 새로운 장비 아이템이 추가되었습니다.

1. A new equipment item was added.

  • (Lv.70) 라바나의 투구
  • (Lv. 70) Ravana Helmet

REQ LV: 70

STR: +18

DEX: +18

INT: +18

LUK: +18

HP: +60

MP: +60

Weapon Defense: +100

Magic Defense: +100

Accuracy: +10

Avoidability: +10

Speed: +5

Jump: +2

Slots: 7

Untradeable (You can use a Platinum Karma Scissor to make it tradeable)

Epic Item

<맵 관련>

1. 황금사원이 추가되었습니다.

1. Golden Temple has been added.

  • 각 마을에 있는 차원의 거울을 통해 황금사원으로 이동할 수 있습니다.
  • Use the Mirror of Dimension (located in every town) to enter Golden Temple.
  • 황금사원에서 여러 종류의 미니던전과 라바나 보스 던전으로 입장할 수 있습니다.
  • In Golden Temple there are various mini dungeons and the Ravana boss dungeon.

2. 황금사원 내에 미니던전이 추가되었습니다.

2. Mini Dungeons were added in Golden Temple.

  • 원숭이 사원1
  • Monkey Temple 1

  • 원숭이 사원2
  • Monkey Temple 2

  • 원숭이 사원3
  • Monkey Temple 3

  • 원숭이 사원4
  • Monkey Temple 4

  • 도깨비 동굴1
  • Goblin Cave 1

  • 도깨비 동굴2
  • Goblin Cave 2

  • 도깨비 동굴3
  • Goblin Cave 3

3. 황금사원 내에 라바나 던전이 추가되었습니다.

3. Ravana Dungeon has been added in Golden Temple.

  • 악령의 신전
  • Temple of the Evil Spirit

<몹 관련>

1. 황금사원에 새로운 몬스터가 추가되었습니다.

1. New monsters were added to Golden Temple

  • Lv.15 사나운 원숭이
  • Lv.15 Fierce Monkey

HP: 250

MP: 20

EXP: 47

  • Lv.21 어미 원숭이
  • Lv.21 Mother Monkey

HP: 350

MP: 20

EXP: 61

  • Lv.27 흰털 아기 원숭이
  • Lv.27 White Haired Baby Monkey

HP: 650

MP: 20

EXP: 89

  • Lv.34 흰털 어미 원숭이
  • Lv.34 White Haired Mother Monkey

HP: 1040

MP: 20

EXP: 126

  • Lv.43 파란 도깨비
  • Lv.43 Blue Goblin

HP: 2200

MP: 20

EXP: 218

  • Lv.54 빨간 도깨비
  • Lv.54 Red Goblin

HP: 4150

MP: 20

EXP: 301

  • Lv.66 힘센 돌도깨비
  • Lv.66 Strong Rock Goblin

HP: 9300

MP: 20

EXP: 463

  • Lv.60 라바나
  • Lv.60 Ravana


HP: 2,343,500

MP: 50,000

EXP: 98550

Knockback: 50000

  • Lv.90 라바나
  • Lv.90 Ravana


HP: 3,762,400

MP: 50,000

EXP: 142370

Knockback: 50000

  • Lv.90 라바나
  • Lv.120 Ravana


HP: 5,879,850

MP: 50,000

EXP: 186430

Knockback: 50000