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Sunday, April 11, 2010

MapleStory DS commercials + introduction movies (thank to mr.spadow)

It’s almost April 15, which is the date that Nintendo Korea will launch the Nintendo DSi and MapleStory DS in South Korea.

A new page for MapleStory DS has been created on the Korean Nintendo website.
On the page you can find information about MapleStory DS and other material such as TV Commercials and gameplay videos.

I downloaded all the TV commercials and introduction movies and merged them in one video file.

Alternative link

This handheld version will feature the four original jobs: Warrior, Thief, Archer and Magician.
Each character will have their own storyline.
Sorry Pirates. :(

MapleStory DS is not an online game, but it sort of connects with it, by including codes for exclusive virtual items.

The price for MapleStory DS is 39,000 won ($35)
A special edition bundle with a Nintendo DSi & MapleStory DS will be available for 237,000 won ($205)

As for KMST; a new patch was released yesterday with some weird content. A new system was added, the item ranking system.
I downloaded a new client and re-installed KMST due Windows Vista/Windows 7 compatibility. (notice on test server website)

Right now I and mostly everyone cannot log on Tespia and Scania due a system error. It’s almost 9 AM KST and this issue is still unresolved.

I will post more information regarding this new patch later. I’m really busy today and tomorrow.

What I can tell you is that this is some weird shit.

The Reverse staff is a rare item. (레어 아이템)
There are four kind of rates: normal, rare, epic and unique. (Dragon Nest has this feature too)
The staff adds 202 magic attack and the sword 192 attack. ‘o’…