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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

KMST V333 ~ Mechanic changes

One week left until the release of Mechanic in KMS! Today’s patch changed Mechanic skills again and they finally fixed the Satellite bug.
This patch brought back the high EXP rates~!

27510 EXP at Lv. 9X

It was already easy to level up without high rates, but with the high rates it’s EASIER!
I’ll make sure to hit 120 today. Expect a video soon. ^^

New skill effects ▼

Power Guard

Holy Arrow


The new Power Guard effect looks really great. The new Strafe reminds me of the Wind Breaker version.
I still want new Transform sprites. ㅠㅠ

Skill changes made to Mechanic:

Mechanic – 1st Job

- Damage of Flame Launcher decreased from 90% to 70%
- Damage of Drill Rush increased from 170% to 180%
- MP cost of Gatling Shot decreased

Mechanic – 2nd Job

- Heavy Weapon Mastery removed from 3rd job and added to 2nd job.
- Damage of Atomic Hammer decreased from 480% to 400% and ignores the enemy’s defense by 30%

Mechanic – 3rd Job

- New skill: Metal Fist Mastery. Metal Fist Mastery increases the damage of Drill Rush and Atomic Hammer. 50% damage increased at max level
- Damage of Satellite increased from 100% to 120%
- Damage of Metal Armor: Heavy Machine Gun decreased from 120% to 100%
- Max level of Healing Robot: H-LX is now 20
- New skill: Robot Punch. At max level Robot Punch can hit up to 6 enemies with 540% damage. Enemies will be stunned 3 seconds after getting hit

Mechanic – 4th Job

- Metal Armor Extreme no longer gives 100% extra damage to Drill Rush and Atomic Hammer
- Max level of Metal Armor: Missile Tank is now 30. At max level Metal Armor: Missile Tank consumes 30 MP per second and deals 280% damage to an enemy with a critical rate of 30%
- Max level of Safety is now 25.
- Description of Amplifier: AF-11 was changed. It now says that it can give party members a 20% damage buff.
- Damage of Laser Blast decreased from 900% to 520%
- New skill added: Metal Armor: Heavy Machine Gun. No idea why this was added to 4th job since there Heavy Machine Gun in 3rd job.

Skill data thanks to insoya~