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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Deia’s G potion

The last update that was added to KMS was the new guild system. A system that allows you to create a guild for only 100k meso, an emblem for only 500k meso. You can disband your guild and remove the emblem for free. And on top of that, you are free to give someone else leadership of the guild!

When the new guild skills were introduced in tespia, the prices were very reasonable. After each patch, each skill got more expensive. Click here to see the current prices.

In my opinion, I think the Guild Periodic Support skill is the most useful one. Though, the cost is expensive. 10m for Lv. 1, 20m for Lv. 2, 30m for Lv.3 and so on.
You cannot renew this skill, but when you mastered Guild Periodic Support, you can get 200 G Potions every Monday. Everyone in the guild will get it.

So, it’s Monday in Korea and when you log on…

The hell? What is that? I double-clicked on the ‘quest lightbulb’.

It’s Deia! Support for the guild members has arrived. I receive an amount of G potions from her. I only got 20 G potions… I should be happy with that! Deia says that it’s possible to receive more as the guild level goes up.

Ah… The G Potions only last for one week. The G Potion heals all HP and MP.
There are two other types of potions with a ‘G’ on it, though I don’t know if Deia gives that to me…

At the moment, my guild has guild level 2~
Lv. 3 is still far away. 160,000 GP. +_+