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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

‘Big Bang’ update coming to GMS soon

It is the biggest event in the history of MapleStory. It is the event that will rock Maple World to its very foundations. Worlds will collide, continents will quake, dogs and cats will live together, and the very foundations of reality will quake.

The problem is, we don’t know what to call it.

In Korea they called it the “Big Bang.” It was the most important update in MapleStory history and it’s coming to Global MapleStory soon. We want to know what you think we should call the event.

Here’s how it work:

- Submit your idea for this event’s name through our Web submission page between
September 14 and 20, 2010.
- Maplers will vote on the five top submissions through a poll on the official MapleStory website between September 23 and 29, 2010.

Good luck, Maplers! And get ready!


GMS is really catching up with the Korean version. I don’t know why GMS wants to rename the Big Bang to something else. Big Bang made sense to me.
I wonder if GMS can release the updates without critical bugs. Because KMS released a lot of minor patches to fix a lot of bugs.

Congratulations Global MapleStory players~

I’ve seen that TaiwanMS is getting a big patch tomorrow: Hob King PQ, Chaos Zakum and Horntail and the potential/enhancement system!!
GMS is catching up… KMS is updating a lot more often than before…

Totally unexpected. The server is down now because of the patch from 4 till 9 AM KST.
I expected Lionheart to be released next week. But I’m not complaining hehe.
Tomorrow I’ll have a busy day, but hopefully I have free time to complete the Lionheart quests.
I’m almost Lv. 139 and not 140. -_-; My plan was to get to 140 before Lionheart comes out…