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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Official Announcement, None Of Our customer Get Ban after this catching patch

Ok, i just make it short,

We have proudly to say, NONE of our customer get ban after more than 38hours catching patch,

in the meanwhile, for the person who get ban buying mesos from others seller, we are here saying sorry for them,
i here wanna explain to you, NO MATTER WHAT, as long your mesos you receive is a came from your character buying mesos from others seller, after big bag patch, they have the system to track you guy, cheer and calm down for it.

And for the player who complaint us hacking at TT,, , please understand we just wanna do some business, to live and to survive, hope you guy will understand about it,

and last, owner of this thread we heard you and please understand is not only us who hacking around there, others huge community seller also do this thing to maplesea. We have been doing our best job to controlling all of our character and try not to disturb others player.

and 1 more, player who bought hack from us, please don't simply use it on public place, a lot player had been started spotted you guy and complaint to Asiasoft customer service care, USE it WISELY.

thanks and cheer for more than 36 hours buyer and seller hide and seek.

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