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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3rd job advancement of Dual Blade

The 3rd job advancement for Dual Blade was not that easy…

The 3rd job advancement for Dual Blade goes as follows:

1. You get a quest from Sulhee at Lv. 54. (You can only advance when you’re Lv. 55 or higher)

2. Go to Arec (3rd job instructor) in El Nath.

3. Arec gives you Arec’s Bottle and tells you to catch Master Goblin (big cat boss) in Mu Lung.

I thought it was an easy task to capture him, but once I went to forest 1/2, it was really crowded with people.
Note: there is currently only one channel in Tespia server.

I stayed for approximately six hours to catch Master success. orz
I exited the game and shrugged off the frustration, thinking the next day should go smoother.

Finally Nexon made a smart move. To get the quest item for Dual Blade 3rd job, go to see Cassandra.

This is the item you get when you captured Master Goblin. So I went back to El Nath, gave Arec the bottle and quickly went to Kerning City.

I finally advanced to 3rd Job!~
Sulhee gave me 5 Ability Points, 1 Skill Point and an Owl Belt with 20 accuracy and avoidability. (makes up for Nimble Body)

3 skills: Tornado Spin, Flash Bang and Flash Jump.