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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dual Blade teaser website + movie!

Click here to view the video~

So now I know where those images were coming from!

Dual Blade teaser website: (IE)

There is a little story on the website, it says the following:

The previous Dark Lord had a student named Jin and a daughter, Sulhee.
Basically what happened was that the friend of the previous Dark Lord, Tristan, requested help to kill Balrog.

Unfortunately, Dark Lord got turned into a monster by Balrog and his student Jin had to kill Dark Lord because he was attacking Kerning City.
The daughter of the previous Dark Lord, Sulhee, saw the dead body of her father brought by Jin.

She thought that Jin framed him and killed him because of his position. (Although, she loved Jin, but she is stupid and thinks that way)
So Jin became the next Dark Lord and Sulhee created a secret dark organization to go against Jin.

Now the rogues are disappearing from Kerning City by Sulhee’s command to recruit them to Dual Blade to fight against Jin.

Quite a fascinating story.
The Balrog they’re mentioning is the big one that killed Tristan.