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Friday, March 12, 2010

Evan is coming to GMS in March!

Evan, the Dragon Master will be coming to GMS in a few weeks. It was MSEA who got Knights of Cygnus and Aran as first outside of Korea.
The English teaser website is the same as the Korean website.

With the teaser website comes an online event, the ”Grow your Dragon” event.
What do you have to do? It’s simple. Once this event is available, you login and you have to create a special HTML code, then you can paste it on different websites and you’ll notice it’s a sort of Flash application.

People can feed your dragon, you can give it one tetris block and a few drinks. You can feed other people’s dragon every 24 hours.
Your dragon can grow to six stages, the more EXP you get, the better your prize is.

When this event ended, I had around 800 EXP and I got five 2x EXP cards and a wand for attack 60% scroll and a dragon equipment.

The Q&A is where members can post questions and people can answer them.

※ Teaser website:

With the release of Evan, there are only a couple of updates to go until Dual Blade. ‘o’
Adventurer’s Return (balancing patch), Dual Raid, Dragon Rider and Golden Temple!

P.S. I uploaded a video of a Lv. 163 Dual Blader.