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Friday, March 26, 2010

MapleSEA’s ”Win A Trip To Korea” contest (credit to mr.spadow)

MapleSEA held a “Win a Trip to Korea” contest with the launch of the Aran class last November.

The contest was about winning a trip to South Korea to explore everything what Korea has to offer~

Not only Korea, but also the Nexon office.

Four winners were chosen.

Occasionally I check the Facebook of GMS and MapleSEA because sometimes there are new photos and information on their profiles.

I already saw the ”Won Our Trip to Korea!!! >w<” album a couple days ago, but recently new photos of the Nexon office were uploaded.

I took a peek and saw interesting photos. I’m actually envious of these four winners. I really am.

Does anyone know them in real life? I’m really curious about what they heard. And did they get the chance to ask questions about future content? I wish I could talk to them. >.

Also does anyone know when these pictures were taken? Because on one of the photos I saw a monitor with a picture of Lex, the newest boss monster that was released in Tespia version 1.2.300. (!)

I’m not going to post the whole album haha, but only a few shots from the Nexon office.

Source: MapleSEA’s Facebook (check it out!)

Do you want to see the photos that I found interesting?

Alright, let’s start with the Animation team.

What do we see here?

We see a girl on the left working on a Knights of Cygnus background. Coincidentally in KMST V300 the login look was changed, but also the backgrounds (Adventurer, Knights of Cygnus and Aran) of the character creation.

What you see on the monitor is probably this:

You don’t see the change? … It’s small. They added a couple of trees in the background and in the bottom left corner they added some bushes.

We also see a girl on the right side, but I can’t clearly see what the thing on her monitor is. Since this is the animation team, it looks like the girl is creating a cut scene. It reminds me of Aran VS Black Magician cut scene. What about you?

Let’s move on to the Map Designer:


A new map?! It has to be a new map. You can see that this person uses a book for new ideas.

Oh my god! I’m curious what this is!

I hope one of the winners could explain what this is.

Now let’s check out some weird photos, haha.

It’s Mr. Lim in real life!?

Gaga in real life. I believe this person is Chief Director, he always shows up on press conferences and Q&A sessions.

I forgot his name. I always believed that this person resembled Gaga.

Hehe… Wonka..

Mr. Inkstone, the musician.

I said that I found a photo with Lex in it. Here it is:

What do we see here?

This is the Graphics Design department.

The monitor on the right shows a cartoonish-Lex. I am 100% sure this is Lex.

If you look VERY closely, you can see the back of the hyena and a part of the skull.

This is really interesting.

And on the left side, what’s that? I’m clueless!

Thank you MapleSEA for the very interesting photos and an insight of the Nexon office.

Congratulations winners!~

Adam & Thomas

Summer & Ting