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Friday, April 2, 2010

KMST V301 ~ Small changes (credit to mr.spadow)

The new area that was introduced to Tespia yesterday is a party quest (Resurrection of the Hob King) for Lv. 75 and higher.
Today a bugfix patch was released and there were some small changes.

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Lex drops three earrings, you probably saw the stats in the KMST V300 blog entry. In this patch something new was added to these earrings. I think this new thing will make these earrings a very wanted item.

Durability was added and +% HP! The latter is something new. When I logged on Tespia I noticed my HP was higher than before.
My HP without this earring is 4345.

4345 HP x 10% = 435,5

4779,5 HP → 4779 HP +_+ That’s nice.

▲ This is Lex. His HP got increased from 800,000 to a whopping 2,500,000!
I guess they realized that Lex was a bit too easy, eh?

The login window was changed again. The login button is smaller and they added ”메이플스토리 MapleStory’ logo.
I think this was a good idea, because it was bit a empty without the logo.

I hope this is not the only thing that KMS is getting soon. ~_~