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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

KMST V317 ~ Critical skill

Many of you were wondering if the Resistance race had a critical skill. The answer is yes.
In today’s patch a new skill was added to the beginner book of Resistance. (Basics of Resistance)
When you create a Resistance character, you will start as a Citizen (beginner), you will have the Basics of Resistance book at your disposal.

The Basics of Resistance skill book has three basic skills (the first three skills):

  • Crystal Throw
    Similar as Three Snails, but instead of throwing a snail shell, you throw a crystal with power.
  • Sneak
    Sneak allows you to hide against monsters and increases your speed.
  • Efficiency
    This skill is basically Alchemist. Lv. 3 = 130% recovery rate.

[Master Level : 20] Enables to perform a critical attack at a certain probability.
Level 1 : 50% chance, critical damage 200%

Though the master level says 20, there is only 1 level available. Nobody knows how you can get this skill, it’s set to invisible.
There are two other skills that a Battle Mage doesn’t get, but only the Wild Hunter.
They are the last two skills on the skill window above.

포획 is Catch. When the HP of a monster is below 40%, you can try to catch the monster. When you successfully catch a monster, you can use 헌터의 부름 (Hunter’s Call) to summon the monster you captured. The summoned monster will do nothing but walk around.

With critical, Wild Hunters are very strong. Soon I will figure out how to get critical.
Don’t forget to view the Resistance playlist on YouTube for videos.

On a different note: Thailand MS is patching like a mad man. I discovered that they’re getting Evan soon!
They just got Aran~! +_+