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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

KMS 1.2.102 ~ Big Bang: Beginning of Change

The first update of the Big Bang trilogy has been released.
After three extensions, the patch lasted for 11 hours and 30 minutes.

I uploaded the official Big Bang trailer on YouTube.
For more information about this first update, read more~

Update: Video of my Viper is up.

I think many of you are curious about this whole SP situation.
When the SP reset scrolls came out in KMST only three were given. But that was just for testing purposes.

Because in KMS you only get ONE SP reset scroll per character. The SP reset scrolls will be given until July 21.
There is no second chance if you screwed up distributing your skill points.
Though, actually there is a second chance but you can only get it on one day.
An event ‘Hot Time’ will be held on the 10th of July.

To get another SP reset you must be logged on from 2:30 PM till 2:31 Korean time. This event comes with a bonus, you can win other prizes such as Timeless items and Cash Shop items.
Anyway I didn’t screw up my SP so there is no need for me to play during 2:30 PM.
After this event there will be no SP reset scrolls given to you.

I finally logged on and I got a few new notices from the Maple Administrator:

The Maple Administrator basically asks where you want to go since the revamped areas.
Orbis - Orbis Park (Lv.36~54)
El Nath – Snowfields (Lv.43~55)
Ludibrium – Eos Tower (Lv.44~65)/Clock Tower (Lv.49~75)
Sleepywood (Lv.50~64)
Aquarium – Aqua Road (Lv.52~73)

Ludibrium – Clock Tower Lower Floor (Lv.95~126)
El Nath – Dead Mine (Lv.117~136)
Leafre – Neo City (Lv.105~127)

Since I am a Lv. 120 Viper I choose for Neo City. I talked to the Time Gate NPC and I saw that I couldn’t go anywhere.
Guess what? They reset a lot of quests so now I have re-do a lot of quests. -_-;; I’m currently collecting the 20 crumpled papers in Neo City.

I saw in my inventory my unused SP reset scroll, so I used it and distributed my SP.
I also noticed my damage ranged was increased by a LOT! ‘o’

If you can’t see it very good, click here for the original size.
And of course the EXP curve hehe. I’m almost Lv. 121~!

In the patch note I read that the level requirement of several Party Quests has changed:

- First Accompaniment: Lv.20 ~ Lv.200
- Cracked Dimension : Lv.30 ~ Lv.200
- Forest of Poison Fog : Lv.40 ~ Lv.200
- Remnants of Goddess : Lv.50 ~ Lv.200
- Pirate Davy Jones : Lv.60 ~ Lv.200
- Romeo and Juliet : Lv.70 ~ Lv.200
- Resurrection of the Hob King : Lv.80 ~ Lv.200

(There is also Dragon Rider PQ)

Kinda strange but I’m not complaining! Oh yeah, competitive party quests don’t count.
I did a quick Cracked Dimension PQ run (Ludi PQ)

I think you will not recognize the new Ludi PQ haha. In stage 8 knowledge of mathematics is required. When you know the correct answer, your party members will have to stand on the boxes to match the answer.
The Dimension Passes will no more go in your inventory but directly to the balloon NPC.

The bonus stage has been replaced with a new reward system. When you defeated the boss and you’re done, you will be prompted a menu where you can see 6 treasure chest. You and your party members have a few seconds to select a treasure chest and when the time is up you will get a prize.
I got a silver ore. There are regular and unique treasure chests.

A new 3rd job skill Lucky Dice for the Pirate job was added.
Lucky Dice is a skill that gives random buffs.
During Ludi PQ I played with Lucky Dice and I think this is a great skill!

1 = Nothing
2 = 30% increase in physical defense
3 = 20% increase in maxHP and maxMP
4 = 15% increase in critical rate
5 = 20% increase in damage
6 = 30% increase in EXP (!)

When Lucky Dice is at max, the buffs will last for 180 seconds and the skill has a 200 second cooldown.

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