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Friday, July 23, 2010

KMST V329 update

Four days ago it was revealed that KMS Scania finally defeated Pink Bean and the 2nd server to defeat was El Nido.
Right now Pink Bean is really easy to defeat. Well.. ”easy”, let’s just say that it’s entirely possible to defeat Pink Bean.
A lot of Korean servers have defeated Pink Bean, including the server I’m playing.

But in today’s test server patch a few major bosses (Zakum, Horntail, Chaos Zakum/Horntail and Pink Bean) will be harder to kill.
I’m not going to post everything about the boss changes, so I will only use Pink Bean as an example.

Pink Bean:

- PDRate & MDRate increased from 25% to 50%
- Physical damage increased from 7381 to 23100
- Magic damage increased from 6790 to 11500
- Avoidability increased from 225 to 625
- Knockback damage increased from 140,000 to 999,999

And when Pink Bean recovers his HP, it will not be 100,000 but 1,000,000 HP.

I hope the players won’t be surprised after tomorrow’s 2nd update of Big Bang when they’re going to fight Pink Bean.

Furthermore, skill changes to several classes:

Skill data thanks to


F/P Mage, Archmage:

- Damage of Explosion decreased from 550% to 475%
- Damage of Magic Composition increased from 400% to 500%
- Big Bang is now fire element

I/L Mage, Archmage:

- Damage of Ice Strike decreased from 500% to 450%
- Damage of Magic Composition increased from 460% to 560%
- Big Bang is now lightning element


- Big Bang is now holy element


- Avenger now consumes 3 stars and damage has been decreased from 410% to 350%

Knights of Cygnus

Night Walker:

- Damage absorbed to HP of Vampire has increased from 4% to 5%
- Duration of Shadow Partner decreased from 180 to 150 seconds
- MP consumption of Shadow Web decreased from 22 to 20
- Avenger now consumes 3 stars and damage has been decreased from 530% to 350%



- MP limit of Dragon Fury increased from 95% to 100%
- Blaze can now stun at a 90% success rate for 4 seconds


Battle Mage:

- New skill: Advanced Dark Chain (advanced version of Dark Chain)
Advanced Dark Chain can hit up to 8 monsters with 410% damage and stuns the monsters for 6 seconds
- Dark Genesis can now stun at a 90% success rate for 4 seconds

Wild Hunter:

- Damage of Jaguar Roar increased from 180% to 230%
- Damage of Mine increased from 190% to 280%
- Damage of Swallow increased from 700% to 800%
- Riding Mastery has now a 60% success rate to prevent being knockbacked

- Damage of Crossroad increased from 460% to 570%
- Damage of Claw Cut increased from 120% to 140% and 5% damage will now be converted to HP
- Flash Rain can now attack 10 times. Explosion damage (last hit) decreased from 1200% to 850%

The animation of Fire Burner (Valkyrie) was changed:

The old animation looks really ridiculous. >_>; The new animation looks neat. ^^;

And of course there is the Cash Shop wardrobe for Resistance ▼