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Thursday, July 22, 2010

KMST & KMS updates

In KMST the Resistance sign at the character selection screen was added.

The job name is now colored and they finally added the bar animation when you use a HP/MP potion.

It’s so annoying that it goes straight from A to Z. Sometimes I don’t see that I’m running out of mana.

Wild Hunters have their critical shot skill removed instead Jaguar Riding will give the 40% critical bonus. Final Attack was added and this is awesome with Wild Shot.

The reason I’m only doing ’5′ damage is because I am in the area where you can catch for different colored jaguars.

In the previous Tespia patch, the effects of a few old skills were changed. They said that were going to add a newer animation for Rage, but now I have seen that they have changed Thunder Spear as well.

Why not change the other skills of Adventurer?..

Thunder Spear


I forgot to tell you that there was a patch on the 16th that added the new set of skill changes and animations. The Cruel Ring lost its critical damage in KMS too. :(

On the 16th, Pink Bean was defeated in the El Nido server of KMS.

[Alternative Link]

Scania was the first server to defeat Pink Bean.

I think this still counts as an achievement for the Korean players even though Big Bang boosted all classes.