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Thursday, July 29, 2010

KMST V331 ~ Mechanic

The last update that is part of Big Bang has been released in the test server:


Like Evan, the Mechanic can equip parts for his prototype.






I was anticipating for this release for a very long time. I was not really interested in Wild Hunter and Battle Mage because they didn’t look interesting to me, but the Mechanic job has something unique.

Mechanic follows in the same footsteps of the Wild Hunter and Battle Mage, you will have to complete the same Resistance tutorial so there is actually no change.
Mechanic was added for the storyline to continue on Resistance.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: In patch version 1.2.332 a lot of skills have changed. CLICK HERE to see the skill changes of V332.

When you’re Lv. 10, you can talk to the Mechanic instructor 체키 to advance as Mechanic ▼

As a Mechanic, you will obtain a Lv. 10 beginner Gun (Yes, Mechanic is a Pirate and uses guns), a medal and new skills!

Like the Wild Hunter and Battle Mage you will obtain 5 SP upon 1st job advancement. Everything will be maxed in 1st job.
The 1st job skills of Mechanic are:

- Metal Armor: Prototype (10)

This skill allows you to sit on your prototype. At max level, you gain 20 weapon attack, +400 HP/MP and +400 defense!
With the +400 defense, monsters will only deal ’1′ damage to you until you’re Lv. 4X.

Mechanic Dash is also a skill that is part of Mechanic, but this skill is not in your 1st job skill inventory. It’s in your Beginner skillbook and it will automatically have 1 SP.
This dash works like Combat Step of Aran, you can either press the ← or → keys twice to cast this skill or you can assign Dash on a certain key.

- Gatling Shot (15)

Gatling Shot will be an important skill in 1st job. Gatling Show allows you to hit one enemy four times at high speed.
Since this is a Pirate-type, you probably think that this skill consumes bullets, right?

Mechanic does not consume bullets at all! I totally love this!

- Flame Launcher (20)

Flame Launcher is your first mobbing skill in 1st job. You have to press down the skill for a couple of seconds so it can deal damage to multiple enemies.

- Mechanic Booster (20)

I don’t need to explain what this skill does, because you all know what this does.
There is one thing I don’t like about it which is the delay. When you cast Booster it does the animation twice…


[Alternative Link]

When you have reached Lv. 30, it’s time to get your 2nd job advancement.
You basically do the same thing as Wild Hunter and Battle Mage.

The 2nd job skills of Mechanic are:

- Mechanic Mastery (20)

This an important skill to max first. Mechanic Mastery gives you extra weapon attack, mastery and accuracy.

- Robot Punch (20)

Robot Punch is one of the mobbing skills you get in 2nd job. When you cast Robot Punch, your prototype robot will launch a fist that can cause stun and critical damage to enemies.
This skill is recommended to max.

- Healing Robot: H-LX (20)

Yes, Mechanic has some very useful skills. Like this one, H-LX is a healing robot that you can summon every 60 seconds.
The H-LX robot has special built-in sensor that can detect when you need HP.

When the robot is summoned, you have to sit on your prototype. (sit = ↓ for Mechanic)
Even though the description doesn’t say anything about party-related, this skill can heal party members.
At max level, H-LX can be around you for 50 seconds and heal 25% of your HP. After 50 seconds it will self destruct.

- Robot Booster (20)

This is the best skill ever!! I never imagined that Rocket Booster would turn out like this.
This is absolutely a MUST HAVE skill!

Here is how it works: when you use Rocket Booster, you will fly up and when you land you will deal damage to the surrounding enemies.
Now there is no limit on how high you can get. I tried Kerning City and searched for the highest point and it worked! It’s so much fun~

- Open Gate: GX-9 (10)

I have to say this again, Mechanic has some useful skills!
With the GX-9 robot, you can open 2 gates. The gate can be set up at the same time. When you set the 2nd gate, both first and second gate will open and if you enter, you can teleport. This is not Mechanic-exclusive, because I found out that other people who are not in my party can enter my gates.

There is a disadvantage, if the distance between the gates is far then it doesn’t work.
At max level, the gates last for 300 seconds.

- Drill Rush (20)

Drill Rush is amazing. This will be your main mobbing skill. Why? Because it does massive damage and you’re able to rush through 8 enemies.
I will not be surprised if they’re going to nerf this skill.

- Perfect Armor (20)

Perfect Armor is a skill that has two purposes.
It can reflect your damage by a certain percentage. If you want your damage to be reflected, you can activate this skill.
Because you have perfect armor, you can guard attacks of enemies. Pretty nice, eh?


[Alternative Link]

The 3rd job skills for Mechanic are:

- Heavy Weapon Mastery (20)
- Satellite (20)
- Atomic Hammer (20)
- Metal Armor: Heavy Machine Gun (20)
- Magnetic Field (20)
- Accelerator: EX-7 (10)
- Lucky Dice (20)

The 4th job skills for Mechanic are:

- Metal Armor Extreme (30)
- Metal Armor: Missile Tank (20)
- Safety (20)
- War Machine: Titan (30) – Summoned, Attack1
- Robot Factory: RM1 (30)
- Amplifier: AF-11 (20)
- Robot Mastery (10)
- Laser Blast (30)
- Maple Warrior (30)
- Warrior’s Will (5)

I’m not really sure if I can advance to 3rd job because I and other people cannot sell/trade/drop anything. It’s really annoying and I wish Nexon fixes this mess. ~_~;;