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Monday, July 5, 2010

Update: How will the mount for the Mechanic look?

Recently the test server of Taiwan MapleStory released a huge patch. (98 MB)
All kinds of stuff were added such as Evan, Dual Blade and Resistance data.

Several mounts were added to the Taiwan MapleStory test server like the Hyena of Lex, Balrog, Tiger, Speed racer mounts. This one too:

I have no idea what this mount on the left is called, but doesn’t it give you this mechanical feeling?
Since the Resistance skills were added to the huge patch file, did they accidentally add this?
On the right, you can see the equipment background for the Mechanic, which was updated in the overhaul patch.

This image above was edited by Ormykka when a video of the 7th anniversary of MapleStory appeared on the internet. It showed some never before seen footage.
Compare the mount from the Taiwan MapleStory test server with the image from Ormykka.
What do you think?

UDPATE: Thanks to NEXON I found more images and I think this IS the Mechanic mount!

KMST patched today to version 1.2.320. A lot of classes got their skills buffed.
I can’t wait till KMST will release Edelstein and the Mechanic job!