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Friday, August 20, 2010

2:30 PM = Hot Time!

Once in a while there are pretty exciting MapleStory events. One of them is the Hot Time event. It’s an event where you have to be logged on before 2:30 PM.
When one minute has passed, you will get a package which has a SP reset scroll (100%) and a random item which can be a Timeless equipment or a cash item.

Today’s Hot Time event was different~ This time you can get a SP reset scroll and a mysterious love letter 100%! The mysterious love letter gives you a random amount of fame.
As a bonus, you can get either: a lucky medal, a cash item, useless potions, 60% scrolls, advanced equipment enhancement scroll or a secret mastery book.

Before it was 2:30 PM, the server was already overpopulated. A lot of people were waiting near the NPC Cassandra.
At 2:31 PM I got a message from Cassandra and she gave me a premium package.

When I received the package, I already saw a lot of server-sided messages of people getting Miracle Cubes.
So I opened mine and I got a 60% accessory for DEX scroll. =.=;;

I think I will throw away my SP reset scroll.. Because I don’t need it. I got +10 fame from the mysterious love letter.

It was a fun… for a while. I wanted the lucky medal…

+5 AllStat
+300 HP/MP
+5 Weapon and Magic Attack
+300 Physical and Magic Defense
+100 Accuracy and Avoidability

A Platinum Scissor of Karma can be used on this medal to make it tradeable. But… I don’t think it will be cheap.
I saw a few smegas of people selling this medal for 2 billion mesos.

Go figure…