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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

KMS 1.2.108 ~ Big Bang: New reinforcement!

August 12, 2010
A new reinforcement, the Mechanic has arrived!

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The Big Bang update has come to an end.
The Big Bang update was definitely the biggest update of MapleStory. On July 24, MapleStory received more than 416,000 concurrent users. That’s a record for a game like MapleStory!

On July 8th, it was all about the Beginning of Change. A complete revamp of the game.
On July 22nd, a group of Edelstein citizens created a counter movement to rebel against Black Wings.
And today, a new reinforcement has joined the counter movement: Resistance.
I think I don’t have to to tell a lot about Mechanic. You can get search results for Mechanic if you search on my blog.^^~

What can we expect from MapleStory in the future?
Well… A new guild system. New boss monsters, items and perhaps.. PvP?
This was all mentioned in the user conference in December 2009.

Nexon should stop releasing new jobs for now. But I know that there are still three heroes left…
I want exciting party quest, new boss monsters and new maps.

Sigh… Time will tell, right? I’m already looking forward for Winter~