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Sunday, August 15, 2010

KMST V334 ~ Mechanic: D-2

A new test server patch was released yesterday. When I saw the update notice, I thought that Mechanic were gonna get nerfed again.
I was right. A couple of new skill icons, delay and damage adjustments and sounds for the skills were added.
I expected one skill to change: Laser Blast.

The damage of Lv. 1 Laser Blast is 284% instead of 404%. Lv. 30 Laser Blast is 400% instead of 520%.

I also noticed that when you use Laser Blast, the damage appears faster than before.
Metal Armor: Missile Tank is now better.

The basic attack of Missile Tank hits one enemy 6 times instead of 3 and they made it faster to cast the basic attack.
I’m surprised they made Missile Tank faster. The fastest attack that Mechanic has is Heavy Machine Gun. That’s just crazy, but with this change, I can say that Missile Tank takes the 2nd place.
When you stay in Missile Tank mode, you will lose MP even if you do nothing.

Yesterday I wrote a summary of the 3rd and 4th job skills of Mechanic, check it out~

As usual, with every new patch comes a new skill effect.
This time it’s Meditation:

P.S. I made a new video of my Mechanic. This one includes the new sound effects for the Mechanic skills.

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