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Friday, October 29, 2010

KMST V348 ~ Chryse and world & mini map improvements

A new floating island has been discovered high above the sky of Orbis!

A new theme dungeon for players between Lv. 55~71 has been added in the Ossyria continent.
When you log on, you receive a quest from Ericsson from Orbis. If you accept and complete his quest, you will instantly warp to the new area, Chryse.

But that’s not how I roll today. Chryse is accessible from Orbis Park when you talk to the NPC Ericsson.
Anyone can go, regardless what level your character is.

When you visit this area, a message on top will appear which says that you have arrived at the heavens of Chryse.
Notice the big NPC behind the column? Is he afraid of me? …

When I first entered Chryse, I noticed the giant NPCs. I mean… Look at this NPC, he’s huge!
The NPC Demos will have a quest available for you which involves defeating monsters. Piece of cake!

The background is really nice and fits with the theme. When you continue to explore the place, you will see two portals.
One portal will lead you to the hideout of Chryse, where you will meet other giant NPCs.

[NPCs Michael and Michaela. Giant NPCs!]

[The other NPCs in the hideout. The biggest NPC is Titan, the elder of the town. And the NPC behind me is the village chief, Marione]

When you enter the outskirts and other areas of Chryse, you will meet cute monsters.

[What ya lookin' at, gerbil?]

[The golden gerbils. The skunk farted and suddenly... explosive damage!!]

[Scorpis. There are also Golden Scorpis]

I don’t know if this is a great training place for players between Lv. 55~71. I don’t like the map structures. The spawn of some monsters aren’t great, in a few maps you have to defeat some monsters at the bottom and then you have to climb on the rope to get to the top.

The maps in the Colosseum of Chryse are good. They’re flat and the spawn is OK.
Inside the Colosseum, there are Mammoths and Golden Mammoths.

You can only enter the Colosseum when you finished the quests from the others NPCs. There are a lot of quests and mostly they involve defeating monsters and gathering the ETC items.

[25/70 Mammoths Tails acquired]

At the end of the Colosseum inside, you will see a portal that will lead you to Xerxes.
However, you cannot meet Xerxes in combat alone. Therefore, you will need a party with a minimum of 2 party members and a maximum of 4.

Oh yeah, you can only form a party and meet Xerxes when you’re in the range of Lv. 55~71.
Since this is in the test server, level does not matter. In the official server, you will have to meet the qualifications.

Let’s go!

[Gotcha! The necklace of Xerxes~ It's mine!!]

Xerxes is a Lv. 63 boss monster with a HP value of 3,600,000 and it gives 89,000 EXP. Which is great, because when I organized Hob King parties with Lv. 8X players, they got around ~20% each time.
The Hob King party quest gives you 89,000 EXP. It’s great EXP since Xerxes is available for players between Lv. 55~71.

I uploaded a video of the Xerxes battle in the Colosseum. I think I will upload another one when the Henesys BGM is replaced with the real BGM.

[Alternative Link]

In the test server I was able to fight Xerxes more than once.
I will make a tour video of Chryse , when the Henesys BGM is replaced with the original BGM.

By the way, don’t you think the boss looks very similar to this guy? ▼

[Xerxes from the movie '300']

Okay, I defeated Xerxes and stole his necklace. What’s next? I have to return to Michael in the hideout and give him the necklace.
After having conversations with Michael and Michaella, the elder wants to speak to me.

[A medal! I rescued Chryse!]

[Chryse Savior medal]

When you completed all the quests of Chryse, you will get the medal. What do you think? Is it too much? One thing is sure: it’s the best medal for a Lv. ~60 player.

Chryse. Another theme dungeon for low-leveled players.
There’s more in this patch!

Do you have trouble finding an NPC, a monster or you don’t know where a particular map is? No problem. The World Map and Mini Map have new features!

[A search feature has been added to the World Map]

Instead of clicking the areas to find out more, you can now click one button and a menu with locations will appear. The first location is Victoria Island. If you click on it then the map of Victoria Island will appear.

If you have trouble finding Red Wyverns, then don’t worry because with the new search feature, you’ll find Red Wyverns in no time.
You type in the name of the monster and it will bring you to the map with the dots flashing which indicates the location. ^^
The search feature is not limited to monsters. You can also find NPCs and maps.

If you don’t know which monsters are good for your level for hunting. No problem. You click a button and the search result will be a list of recommended monsters for your level.

Like mini dungeons, you can now see the locations of your favorite boss monsters. I hope they will add more when this hits the official server.

The mini map was improved as well.
You can now expand the mini map for big areas such as Leafre or El Nath.

The second feature is when you hover your cursor on a portal, it will tell you which NPC or monster you can find in the next portal.

The last update in this patch is that all the Master Monsters (Area Bosses) are stronger than before.
A nice addition is that when you’re in a party hunting for Master Monsters, you will gain extra EXP.

- 30% extra bonus EXP for each party member. When you are in a party of six people, the bonus EXP will be 150%!

Three new Master Monsters were added.

- Lv. 57 Snow Witch
- Lv. 94 Bamboo Warrior
- Lv. 134 Lich

These three were first bot catchers, but now they’re Master Monsters.
New quests for these three new Master Monsters were added. I’m excited to complete the Lich quest.

Master Monster changes

- All Master Monsters were given a PDrate and MDrate of 30%. This means your damage is reduced by 30%.
- Physical and Magic damage adjusted.
- Party bonus EXP applies to all Master Monsters.

Lv. 10
HP 1,250 → 6,250
EXP 180 → 850

Lv. 15
HP 2,500 → 12,500
EXP 280 → 1,300

Blue Mushmom
Lv. 18
HP 3250 → 16250
EXP 340 → 1,600

Lv. 20
HP 3,750 → 18,750
EXP 370 → 1,750

Zombie Mushmom
Lv. 23
HP 4,650 → 23,250
EXP 430 → 2,000

Lv. 28
HP 7,200 → 36,000
EXP 570 → 2,650

Lv. 33
HP 12,000 → 60,000
EXP 780 → 3,600

King Clang
Lv. 42
HP 21,000 → 105,000
EXP 780 → 5,150

Snow Witch
Lv. 57
HP 49,000 → 230,000
EXP 2388 → 10,320

Lv. 60
HP 55,000 → 275,000
EXP 1,940 → 9,700

Lv. 63
HP 67,000 → 335,000
EXP 2,480 → 11,100

Lv. 65
HP 75,000 → 375,000
EXP 2,690 → 12,050

Lv. 75
HP 150,000 → 750,000
EXP 4,550 → 20,150

Lv. 78
HP 210,000 → 1,050,000
EXP 6,000 → 26,450

Lv. 80
HP 250,000 → 1,250,000
EXP 6,940 → 30,500

Snack Bar
Lv. 85
HP 350,000 → 1,750,000
EXP 9190 → 40,250

Tae Roon
Lv. 90
HP 450,000 → 2,250,000
EXP 11,300 → 49,500

Bamboo Warrior
Lv. 94
HP 90,000 → 2,650,000
EXP 3684 → 67,920

King Sage Cat
Lv. 97
HP 590,000 → 2,950,000
EXP 14,100 → 61,700

Lv. 102
HP 690,000 → 3,450,000
EXP 16,000 → 69,950

King Centipede
Lv. 108
HP 810,000 → 4,050,000
EXP 18,200 → 79,400

Lv. 122
HP 1,090,000 → 5,450,000
EXP 22,900 → 99,800

Lv. 134
HP 1,600,000 → 7,750,000
EXP 5707 → 160,620

Lv. 145
HP 2,100,000 → 10,500,000
EXP 39,800 → 172,900

Lv. 150
HP 2,350,000 → 11,750,000
EXP 43,700 → 189,750

Lv. 159
HP 3,200,000 → 16,000,000
EXP 57,400 → 249,000

Lv. 168
HP 4,100,000 → 20,500,000
EXP 71,300 → 308,850