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Thursday, October 28, 2010

New and Upcoming Content in Foreign Versions: October

Big Bang: Upcoming


Japan MapleStory has been lagging slightly behind other old services of the game recently and they are still lacking Ice Gorge and the Chaos Bosses. This will change in 27 days though, because Japan MapleStory will the the first version outside of Korea to receive the highly anticipated Big Bang updates. The first update will take place on November 24, 2010. Read more here.


So GlobalMS and ChinaMS will both be getting Big Bang this December! Shanda, the publishers of MapleStory in China, announced that Big Bang will meet China MapleStory’s 70 million players (of 95 million worldwide) this December. It will take place in three updates, with players being forced to redownload the game after the first update. The update preview can be viewed here.

Recent Updates

It has been an extremely small month for updates to MapleStory around the world. Of the versions that actually had updates this month, one had a big update.

EuropeMS 0.65

The biggest update of the month went to EuropeMS in the update to 0.65 on Wednesday, October 13. This update included Time Temple, Pink Bean, Dual Raid (Ghost Ship in the Mist) and Kerning Square. Interestingly, EuropeMS received the Ghost Ship in the Mist before GlobalMS (GlobalMS got it on Wednesday, October 20). View the patch notes here.

JapanMS 1.89

JapanMS 1.89 took place on Wednesday, October 20. This update added Halloween events including the Uninvited Guest Party Quest. This update was small with no permanent content being added. Wouldn’t this have been the perfect time to add Ice Gorge and the Chaos Bosses, Nexon Japan? Event notice is here.

MapleSEA 0.96

MapleSEA got their 0.96 update on Wednesday, October 6. Like JapanMS’s October update, no permanent content was added. The update included Haunted House II, Cassandra’s Trick or Treat event, Mal Volence Party Quest and Dual Blade Pre-events. Update notes have been posted here.

Upcoming Updates

ThaiMS 0.87

ThailandMS will update to 0.87 on Wednesday, November 3. This update includes the Ice Gorge and the Chaos Bosses (both of which JapanMS don’t have). ThailandMS’s recent updates have been really big. It looks like a Big Bang announcement for ThaiMS is coming up. Read the patch notes (in Thai)here.

MapleSEA 0.97

Finally, Dual Blade is heading to MapleSEA on Wednesday, November 10. Who knows when MapleSEA will get Big Bang. I’d say either March or May/June.