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Monday, December 13, 2010

KMST V356 ~ MapleStory Chaos: 2nd Update

Only four days left until the first update ”Return of the Hero” of MapleStory Chaos hits the official server.
In case you missed it, check out the official MapleStory Chaos trailer. I translated the trailer, you can get the subtitles by enabling Closed Captions (CC).

Before MapleStory Chaos was introduced to the rest of the world, the first updates in the test server were known as the ”reorganization” update.
That has now changed to the ”Return of the Hero” update. Nexon has released a test server patch on the 9th to test the new profession skills for the ”A Technological Age” update. I have to add that a few other skills were adjusted again.

Note: All the skill values are taken from the master level.



- Damage of Blast has been decreased from 300% to 285%

F/P Archmage

- DoT damage of Paralyze has been decreased from 210% to 140%


- 100% critical rate has been added to Sniping‘s boss attack


Aran (2nd Job)

- Damage of Combo Fenrir has been decreased from 490% to 430%

Aran (3rd Job)

- The amount of monsters Final Toss can attack has been decreased from 12 to 8

Aran (4th Job)

- The extra damage for Combo Fenrir from Overswing has been decreased from 80% to 40%
- The amount of monsters Final Blow can attack has been decreased from 12 to 8


Mechanic (4th Job)

- Damage of Laser Blast has been decreased from 400% to 360%

That’s all. I think everyone is content about the new adjustments. I certainly am because Vipers were given upgrades, so I can’t complain. ^-^

I think most of you are curious about the new profession skills. It’s a great addition to the game where everyone can learn new techniques.
I don’t know whether I should try to explain everything in this post or explain it when it hits the official server on December 30.
Everything is still in the phase of testing and it’s not the final product so things might subject to change.

I’ll give you a tip. If you want to make your own accessories, save all your ores, (monster) crystals, magic powders etc. on a character you don’t use.

On the other hand, a lot of people are speculating who this new ultimate female boss might be.
This boss has yet to be released but it will be a nice addition for high-leveled players.

I think it’s obvious who this might be. She looks a lot like the Empress in Ereb. I changed the picture so you can see more than the original.
She has a big eyes and has grown up, don’t you think?

It was announced that Nexon developed a new area for Lv. +160 players: Door of the Future.

If you visit the Temple of Time, you will notice that there is a map with three doors. One is closed, the second door is a little bit open, but you can’t access it and the last door has a crack in it, but you can access the last door.
The first door will bring you to the Road of the Future. You can see it yourself, hover on the top of the door in the game.

What a coincidence.. Nexon revealed that they’re going to release a new area soon for Lv. +160 players called theDoor of the Future.

Check out this image. You see three portals. I think the closed door in the Temple of Time leads you to the road of the future and will bring you to this map.
The portal in the middle is from the Temple of Time, the portal with a crack in it on the right brings you to the future of Henesys, a destroyed town…

But I don’t know the location for the portal on the left side… Could it bring you to the past?
The Empress of Ereb is a young girl in the present time of Maple World. However, I think that we will discover her dark and sinister side in the future in one of the new high-leveled areas. It has to be… because she looks much older in the silhouette picture.

What do you think?