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Friday, December 10, 2010

MapleStory Chaos coming soon…

30 minutes ago Nexon Korea started their press conference about the upcoming Winter update. And it’s BIG.
This just came in from the twitter of NexonKR.

After ‘Big Bang’ comes MapleStory Chaos! Like ‘Big Bang’, the ‘Chaos’ update will come in three parts:

The first update ‘Return of the Hero’ is also known as the reorganization update and will make the heroes stronger and better. ‘A Technological Age’ is the second update that will add new profession skills for your character. And as last, ‘The Huge War’ is the last update to come in January.

But wait.. there’s more! Lv. 140 equipment sets will be added and new high-leveled areas.

[Official MapleStory Chaos trailer - Please click on CC to see the English subtitle]

▶ The first update on December 16th: Return of the Hero

This update will focus on skill balancing and will mark the return of Dual Blade and the two heroes Aran and Evan. Everyone will be able to create a Dual Blade character again, but this is limited for the Winter season only.

Dual Bladers will be improved and will receive several new skills such as Blade Fury (left), Vital Steal and Phantom Blow (right).

The Aran class will come back with a new look, stronger and better. Arans will receive new skills like Combo Judgement. Combo Judgement can attack multiple enemies by dropping a giant axe. Monsters hit by the giant axe are frozen and will be suffering from damage over time.
A skill that can create an instantaneous combo count and more.

Some skills were moved to an earlier job advancement and had their combo count required changed.

The second hero that makes his comeback in the ‘Chaos’ update is Evan. The attacking speed of Evan was greatly improved. Along with Aran and Dual Blade, Evan got a bunch of new skills as well.

- Dragon Blink: Teleports you to a random location in the map.
- Dragon Sparking: With a certain success rate, you can deal extra damage. (The skill looks like Paralyze, look carefully in the video because it’s there)
- Protection of the Onyx: For a period of time, you can give you and your party members extra avoidability.
- Will of the Onyx: For a period of time, you can prevent yourself getting knock-backed from a monster’s attack and able to attack with your body.

In addition, all other classes were improved as well. ^^

▶ The second update on December 30th: A Technological Age

[Alchemy (Alchemist), Equipment Forging (Creator) and Jewelry Making (Jewelist)]

This is a really great patch since it adds refreshing content. In this update, the ‘Profession Skill’ system will be added to the game.
There are 5 profession skills available for to master. When your character is Lv. 30 or higher, you can learn up to 2 profession skills.

[What happens if you drink a Giant Potion?]

1. Herbalism: Collect herbs, flowers and seeds in maps. With that, you can make herb oils, items and potions. With herb oil and ores, you can create equipment.

2. Mining: Use the metals and jewels that you have mined to make items, potions and ores.

3. Equipment Forging: Use herb oils and ores to forge a lot of defensive armor and weapons.
4. Jewelry Making: Use herb oils and ores to make accessories. (rings, belts, necklaces etc.)
5. Alchemy: Use herb oils and refined ores to create your own potions and equipment items. You can also break items.

As you work on these profession skills, your character’s fatigue rate will increase. In order to decrease fatigue, you have to visit the respective NPC shown in the image above.

▶ The third and last update on January 13th: The Huge War

Finally after seven years of service, PvP will be added to MapleStory!
Players who are Lv. 30 or higher can enter the Battle Arena Entrance Portal and enjoy PvP mode.

In the PvP area, the players’ levels and stats will automatically be adjusted.
There are three modes you can enter:

- Survival: Battle without restrictions and rules.
- Team Match: Battle with teams.
- Ice Knight: One person gets chosen as Knight and the other players need to survive from the Knight.

Players who battled in PvP mode can earn FP(Fight Point). You can make and buy items with FPs.

There is a bonus that will come with the ‘Chaos’ update. Nexon has said that there will be equipment sets of Lv. 140.

[Destroyed Henesys town in the future]

And there will be a new area for Lv. 160+ players called ”Door of the Future”. There will be a new storyline because of this map and a new boss…

[MapleStory's newest female boss]

I’m really curious about the new area for Lv. 160+ players, it looks really beautiful. Who could this new female boss be? She sure looks familiar to me… Do you think what I think?
Since this is the ‘Chaos’ update, I’m wondering if there will be a Chaos Pink Bean…?