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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mesos For Herculus

First of all, let us to introduce ourself~
We are the FreezeGm from Penang Malaysia.
Our Evolution Community will serve you the best compare with others sellers.

How are we going to deal?

We accept 3 types of payment (Please note that the price rate for each type of payment is different)

Maybank~ Press here for the guide about how to bank in

Legend Mesos Promotion for bank in~
3bilion = RM280 + *Tax Covered
6bilion = RM500 + *Tax Covered (untill last stock sold out)

Please be reminded a single account maximum 2.1bilion u can carry, please prepare more accounts to trade the mesos.
Maybank Bank in

*Tax is Not covered

MOL Point
Tax is NOT covered

Sorry currently we do not accept any @cash

DIGI Phone Credit
*Tax is NOT covered

1.Maybank bank in~
2.@Cash Code or MOL Point
3.Hotlink Phone Credit

Please note that for the Legend Mesos promotion we will cover the tax meanwhile Maybank bank in, @cash code or MOL point and hotlink phone credit we are not going to cover the tax.

(Kindly SMS us once you made your payment, anything just give us a call or SMS to) Don't worried, I can speak and understand Chinese very well. Welcome to sms in Chinese. 

If u choose to pay with @cash code, MOL point or hotlink phone credit, just SMS us . Once we verify your payment, we will pass you the Mesos within 5 minutes!

Please be noted that the price is not negotiable~

Sorry for any inconvenience caused~


Not like others seller, our community very care about safely after you receiving the mesos, therefor, to ensure you get the mesos without getting ban, we will pass the mesos we generated to following character to process the trade with you. (all the character will be different account) Thumb up for our service~