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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Map Crashing Outbreak and Gamekiller Down!

It seems that this Map Crashing has finally gotten to Nexon, and they have released a little notice that says :
Dear Maplers,
Many of you have been experiencing issues with being disconnected yesterday and today, most notably while in the Free Market.  We are aware of this issue, and our developers are working to resolve it.
Thank you for your patience.
– The Maple Team –
They will have something done eventually, the game is not offline, so I am guessing there are GMs online, but yeah. Let’s see what happens next in this Pre-Chaos Chaos. 

Earlier this morning, 6/13/11, a user by the name of DOTcurrency on popular hacking site,, released a way to Crash maps. He released a packet that when sent disconnects all other users on the map. This hack does not allow items to be duped, but I am sure there most likely is a VIP hack for it. The release thread on the forum boards has about 58 replies and 1,547 views. It seems that this has been around for a few versions, but never released officially to the public like this.
There are many reports of FMs all across the Maple World in GMS being disconnected and emptied. This gives the hackers time to set up their own shops, and hurt others trying to make a good maple living. Not only FM maps, but also training maps, and many other maps throughout the game. We do not seem to have any reports from EMS or MSEA, but we will get you updated as soon as possible.
It seems that has been the link to many of the recent duping issues that have been going on in not only GMS, but in EMS and MapleSEA., another popular hacking site, is offline. You get this error when you attempt to access the site:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘/’ in/home/gamekill/public_html/includes/init.php on line 687
It seems someone may have messed something up, and the webpage is offline.
Here is a video of the Map Crashing, as I stated above it has been around for quite some time now, but not totally public. Maybe that is why it hasn’t been patched, because of not enough people using it.