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Saturday, February 16, 2013

kMSt ver. 1.2.472 – Twilight of Perion!

Statue of the Black Mage
The expansion to the Gate to the Future, the new area Twilight of Perion has been released! It features mutated versions of Perion monsters and is recommended to users level 190 to 200. In addition, there were some nerfs to Wind Breaker so read on~
Wind Breaker
Here is a list of skill changes made to Wind Breaker this patch.
  • Trifling Whim I Trifling Whim I (2nd): chance of extra arrow has been decreased from 30% to 20%
  • Trifling Whim II Trifling Whim II (3rd): chance of extra arrow has been decreased from 40% to 30%
  • Albatross Albatross (3rd): attack has been decreased from 40 to 20, critical chance has been decreased from 20% to 10%
  • Trifling Whim III Trifling Whim III (4th): chance of extra arrow has been decreased from 50% to 40%
  • Albatross Maximum Albatross Maximum (4th): damage boost has been decreased from 30% to 25%, attack has been decreased from 70 to 50, critical chance has been decreased from 35% to 25%
  • Spiral Vortex Spiral Vortex (4th): number of monsters hit has been decreased from 8 to 7, splash attack’s damage has been decreased from 380% to 230%, splash attack’s number of hits has been decreased from 5 to 2
  • Sky's Song Sky’s Song (4th): damage has been decreased from 250% to 230%
Twilight of Perion NPCs
Twilight of Perion, similar to Future Henesys, features older versions of some NPCs. Ayan looks sort of weird, haha, and I feel really bad for Sophia, her father (I think? The man that was in the potion shop with her) passed away…
You might notice Claudine and Elex from the Resistance. It might surprise you to know that in this place, they are evil! One of their quotes is “When this statue of the Black Mage is finished, this town will become a huge tourist site!”. I’m not too sure of the circumstances because I haven’t looked at the quests though.
Twilight of Perion Monsters
Here are the new monsters! As you can see, they’re all monsters that were originally in Perion (plus the golems). However, their experience is very disappointing, and this place doesn’t have any party play zones.
  • Mutated Stump (level 190) – 11,276 exp
  • Mutated Dark Stump (level 191) – 11,551 exp
  • Mutated Axe Stump (level 192) – 11,824 exp
  • Mutated Wild Boar (level 192) – 11,916 exp
  • Mutated Iron Boar (level 193) – 12,096 exp
  • Mutated Fire Boar (level 194) – 12,184 exp
  • Mutated Wood Mask (level 194) – 12,366 exp
  • Mutated Stone Mask (level 195) – 12,636 exp
  • Mutated Steel Mask (level 196) – 12,812 exp
  • Ancient Golem (level 196) – 12,904 exp
  • Ancient Dark Golem (level 197) – 13,170 exp
  • Ancient Mixed Golem (level 198) – 13,435 exp
  • Mutated Stumpy (level 200) – 148,159 exp
I really hope Nexon increases their experience and adds the party play zones, otherwise no one will ever go here…

Here’s a video (thanks to Spadow!), exploring Twilight of Perion.