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Friday, August 8, 2014

kMSt ver. 1.2.510 – Star Planet!

Star Planet (3)
A Tespia patch has been released, this time containing the content from the Shining Star update of this summer. It features a new area where all users can go to participate in minigames and events.
They also released a note on the homepage about how it was harder than expected to develop this new content, and since it is hitting the test server so late, they will be delaying the real server patch until August 28.

Shining Star World SelectionStar Planet (1)Star Planet (2)
These two characters are named Ryan.D and Sierra Grace, the Stars of Star Planet! They’re the ones that invite you there!
Star Planet Button
Anyone level 33 and above, from any world, can go to Star Planet by pressing the button on the bottom of the screen. You can return from Star Planet by pressing the MAPLE button.
Shining Star Candidate (1) Shining Star Candidate (2)
The Shining Star Candidate character has been added! You can now create a Shining Star candidate character (one per Maple ID) which is a character that allows you to quickly enjoy Star Planet.
You can create this character by pressing the Create Shining Star button on the world selection screen. On this character, you will go straight to Star Planet. Later on, you can use your character in Maple World regularly by choosing a job and a world.
Star Planet Map Star Planet Entrance
Star Planet uses a quarter view, but they are still testing to see if this is a convenient system so it might change in the future.
Star Points and Star Grade
When you first enter Star Planet, your Star Grade will be Beginning Newbie. Collect Star Points by participating in minigames and world events to raise your Star Grade, which has various benefits in Star Planet. Talk to Arming to read about these benefits.
Each rank comes with its own mount, which can be used in Maple World. Some ranks also come with a title that can be used in Star Planet and other various prizes.
  • Beginning Newbie
  • Rising Newbie
  • Prime Newbie
  • New Talent (New Board riding)
  • Fresh Talent (Fresh Board riding)
  • Junior Talent (Junior Board riding)
  • Senior Talent (Senior Board riding)
  • Master Talent (Master Board riding)
  • Prime Talent (Prime Board riding)
  • Beginning Star (Beginning Open Car riding & title)
  • Rising Star (Rising Sports Car riding & title)
  • Flying Star (Flying Sports Car riding & title)
After a certain Star Grade, your Star Points will be put towards the Shining Star Contest.
Shining Star Contest
The Shining Star Contest chooses the hottest celebrity in Star Planet! Each day someone will be chosen as the Shining Star. You can win the contest by gaining points by being on the:
  • STAR POINT rankings
  • Win! Rock Paper Scissors rankings
  • Attack! Typing Defense rankings
  • Defend! Typing Defense rankings
  • Star One Card rankings
  • Star Marvel rankings
  • Star Yutnori rankings
Every day at 12am, the Shining Star contest will close and a winner will be chosen based on the rankings. You must be in the top 20 of STAR POINTs and the top 3 of each of the minigames. The Shining Star will enjoy various benefits until 12am of the next day, when another Shining Star is chosen.
Mix Dye CouponMix Dye Coupon
This includes the Petite Ryan and Petite Sierra pets, the ability to choose what is written on the billboard, a Mix Dye Coupon which is a special item that allows you to choose two colours to mix for your hair colour, the Shining Balloon riding, and the Shining Star title.
Star Planet Square
You can enjoy a variety of content in Star Planet.
Fortune Teller
In the central square, there are is a fortune teller that can give you random buffs.
Lucky Lottery
Star Planet’s lucky lottery coordinator Roaming appears at certain times of the day. Talk to him to get the chance to win a reward!
The left side of the square has a cafeteria, where you can order a drink and talk to Jamming.
Star Planet Game Station
6 minigames are available to play in Star Planet. Here is a list (name and style):
  • Win! Rock Paper Scissors: single / a game to test your luck and judgement
  • Attack! Typing Defense: single / a typing game to prevent the moving in of Moon Bunnies
  • Defend! Typing Defense: 3 person multiplayer / a typing game to fight against each other
  • Star One Card: 4 person multiplayer / a tactical card game
  • Star Marvel: 3 person multiplayer / a dice strategy board game
  • Star Yutnori: 2 person multiplayer / a folk strategy board game
Whenever you wish to play, you will be matched with a random opponent and you can get Star Points and Mileage. You can also play with your party, but you will not gain Star Points or Mileage in this mode.
Mileage is no longer gained by defeating bosses. Now, you can only get Mileage by playing minigames, doing daily challenges in Star Planet, or buying Cash items with Nexon Cash.
My Info
You can also get Experience Buff Coupons from Star Planet. While gaining Star Points, you will also fill the Experience Buff Gauge, which can be found in the My Info window.
Each day, you can use up the Gauge once to get an Experience Coupon. The gauge needs to be at least 25% or higher. Depending on the amount that you used up, you’ll get a coupon:
  • Star Planet Experience Coupon
  • Good Star Planet Experience Coupon
  • Exceptional Star Planet Experience Coupon
  • Finest Star Planet Experience Coupon
Each coupon gives 2x experience in Maple World, but they each have a different duration (15/30/45/60 minutes).
Trend Shop
Star Planet also has a Cash Clothing Experience Hall. Come with your friends to try on trendy Cash items! Once you exit, your clothing will return to normal.
Star Planet Screen
In Star Planet Square, there is a gigantic screen. On this screen, you can see Star Planet’s information, world events, and also the Shining Star’s personal message!
Hekaton Alerts
In other news, world merged party quests, Hekaton, and Boss Arena have been closed on the test server.

MapleStory 2
For MapleStory 2, alpha testing will take place on August 15 for about 3 hours in the Nexon Headquarters for all supporters! This is the first time anyone will be playing the game, exciting! Hopefully closed beta comes out soon~