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Saturday, August 2, 2014

MapleStory 2 Supporters’ Day #04: Contents!

One more Supporters’ Day video was released on the website today, this one titled Contents. It covers MapleStory 2’s customization, methods of movement, bonus stages, the housing system, and creating minigames and dungeons.
At around 5 minutes, they use footage from a private server called LucidMS LOL. Anyways I think there’s one more video, that has to do with the bosses.

Build Mode
This video has a lot of information which is not written in text, which I will not be translating, but I did cover a lot of what they said in my Supporters’ Day post, so check that out for more information.
Character Customizing
MapleStory’s customizing is varied and unique.
MapleStory 2’s customizing is varied and unique, but also easy to change at any time.
  • You can change the length of your hair.
  • You can change the location of your ponytails.
  • You can change different parts of your hair separately.
  • You can turn your hats at various angles.
  • Directly design items.
  • Wear stylish, eye-catching bags.
  • Feel a sense of belonging with group costumes.
  • Use ladders and platforms to move quickly.
  • Discover unknown areas!
  • Climb walls with rock climbing techniques.
  • Use devices or ropes.
  • Pick up objects.
  • Let’s have a pole fight!
Come across Bonus Stages in fields. There are trophies, flying, cameras, and a wide variety of other content!
  • Individual land ownership.
  • Different types of land exist.
  • Good land requires a lot of money.
  • Place objects in Building Mode.
  • Decorate the inside of your building.
  • Store items in boxes.
  • Place souvenirs with special effects.
  • Put items on display with mannequins.
  • Remotely swap costumes.
User-Created Mini-games
  • Directly create your own dungeons and mini-games?
  • Place devices in rooms.
  • Complete your own dungeon!
  • Edit rooms while inside.
  • Create and operate at the same time!
  • A somewhat familiar screen?
  • Fighting-type mini-games.
  • Trap Master!
More content is being prepared!