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Friday, August 1, 2014

MapleStory 2 – Cool Summer Vacation!

Cool Summer Vacation
They released a new teaser image on the MapleStory 2 website, titled Cool Summer Vacation (click for a larger version). What is that octopus doing to that slime?!
Also, GM Jackie from the MapleStory 2 team posted on the official Facebook page, with some new-ish information!
Hello~ It’s GM Jackie~
We realized that in all of our current portal sites, there are many of you who are curious and would like us to explain a little bit more about the details of MapleStory 2.
MapleStory 2 Monetization
As we mentioned early on our teaser site, we are planning a non-subscription based charging system.
MapleStory 2 Test Schedule
We know everyone wants to play MapleStory 2 as soon as possible, and we are planning to open testing before December of this year.
I would like to give you a more accurate and detailed schedule but if we were to reschedule, the users’ expectations would be big and you would be even more disappointed in us. Please understand that due to this, we can only give a general date.
Finally, we have changed this portal site (Facebook) to allow you to ask us questions~!
Have a fun weekend~~