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Friday, August 22, 2014

MapleStory 2 – Perion Concept Art & kMSt ver. 1.2.512 – Star Planet Changes!

Perion Concept Art
On the MapleStory 2 homepage, yesterday they released Perion concept art! I think it looks very cool, you can see specific details they are planning such as cloud platforms that disappear if you stand on them too long. I hope we get more of these for the other towns!
For MapleStory, a Tespia patch was released, with some changes to Star Planet and Mileage.

Mesoranger Maple Omok
There were some changes to Star Planet in this patch. First of all, they added two new minigames: Star Omok (2 people) and Go! Mesorangers! (3~5 people). These games are not competitive like the other six, so they do not have rankings.
Shining Star Candidate (1)
Now, when you enter Star Planet, your name will be changed to the character you have chosen to be your Star Planet candidate character.
Star Planet Top Rankings
The bulletin board in Star Planet’s centre square has been replaced by the Star Planet Top Ranking. This shows the top 100 people who have earned the most Star Points on that day (it used to only show the top 10 i.e. the Shining Stars).
They have also added a similar ranking, except for the minigame points, in the Star Game Station. You can now become a Shining Star by being in the top 10 of the overall rankings or being in the top 3 of the game rankings.
Star Grade Prizes
They added in a bunch of prizes based on your Star Grade, including action books, mounts, and even ways to customize minigames! You can choose different characters in Maple Yutnori, use different cards in One Card (such as Slimes and Mushrooms), and change the effects in Typing Defense.
Maple Mileage
Mileage from minigames has been changed slightly. For 1-player games, you get more Mileage based on your score but in games with more than 1 player, you get a higher flat amount (as opposed to scaling). Also, if you continuously play a game in one day, your Mileage rewards will be decreased.
Mileage in general has also been updated! Previously, Mileage could only be used to offset 30% of a Cash item’s cost (except in the Mileage Shop where you could buy things with only Mileage). However, they have now changed it that you can buy any Cash items with 100% Mileage!! This does not work in some categories though, such as beauty coupons and cubes (which will still have the old 30% discount maximum).