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Monday, August 25, 2014

MapleStory 2 – Public Alpha Test!

MapleStory 2 Alpha Test
MapleStory 2’s alpha test is beginning!
We invite you to create a new beginning in Maple World with us.
Alpha Test: begins on September 17, 2014
Hey guys, it’s been a small dry spell since the next real server patch will be on the 28th but there’s some exciting news for MapleStory 2. The public alpha testing will take place starting September 17 until September 21. That’s five days of testing!
I’m not sure how they’ll be choosing testers (I’ll definitely try to apply) or if testers will be allowed to share images/videos but it’s going to be exciting for sure!

There was also another teaser image, this time with the archer instructor Oskhal, Guardian of Justice. He (she?) is also the leader of the Green Hoods, and the image came with this voice over. Looks like MapleStory 2’s NPCs will have voice acting?